Cheap NBN plans to choose from right now


There are more than 100 NBN providers in Australia, which means customers have an excellent opportunity to shop around for plans that suit their needs without breaking the bank.

Knowing where to start can be tricky. The first thing to note is that broadband NBN plans commonly come in four different speed tiers: NBN 25, NBN 50, NBN 100 and NBN 250. There is also an NBN 1000 speed tier, which is a newer option available to those with an FTTP connection, although NBN Co is still working on making more Aussie homes eligible for this Ultrafast internet. The speed/plan that’s best suited to you will depend on the number of people in your household and how you use the internet.

When you start comparing NBN plans, it’s also important to take the estimated ‘evening speed’ into consideration. This is the speed you’re most likely to get when the internet is in high demand.

To help get your search started with your research, we’ve rounded up some of the cheapest broadband NBN plans for NBN 25, NBN 50, NBN 100, NBN 250 and NBN 1000 below.

Cheap NBN 25 plans

NBN 25 plans are generally best suited to smaller households who use the internet to browse online or check emails. The minimum evening speed for these plans is 15Mpbs.

Cheap NBN 50 plans

NBN 50 plans are a suitable option for households with two to four people and features a minimum evening speed of 30 Mbps.

Cheap NBN 100 plans

These are NBN plans that are best suited to households with heavy internet users. This could be to access streaming services or playing video games. The minimum evening speed for NBN 100 plans is around 60Mpbs.

Cheap NBN 250 plans

These kinds of plans are fairly new to the market and are geared toward households who need super fast internet or that run small businesses. Minimum evening speeds for these plans start at around 150 Mbps.

Cheap NBN 1000 plans

This option is only for those eligible for the Ultrafast NBN tier, which requires an FTTP connection. If only the best of the best internet speeds will suffice, NBN 1000 might be for you.