In the Spotlight... Ben Webster from Travel with Kit

From Tijuana to Timbuktu, Turkey to Tokyo, travel insurance is an absolute must when you step off Aussie shores. But no two holidays are the same and different travellers need different things from their insurance policy, which is where Travel with Kit, launched just this year by the team at Insured by Us, comes in.

Travel with Kit took home three Mozo Experts Choice Exceptional Value Travel Insurance Awards this year. So we sat down with Ben Webster, Founder of both Insured by Us and Travel with Kit to talk about how flexible policies and a focus on giving customers what they really want is leading the way in the travel insurance space.

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By Kelly Emmerton· Tuesday 17 September 2019

Taking tailored travel insurance to a new level

Aussies love travel, but we don’t all love to travel the same way and we certainly don’t want to buy insurance cover we don’t really need.

“We spend a lot of time talking directly to customers to understand what they’re looking for from a travel insurer and what their pain points are during the purchase of the insurance, while they’re travelling and when they need to claim,” says Webster.

And what Travel with Kit found, time and time again, was that Aussies were hungry for travel insurance tailored to their trip - after all, why include snow cover on a trip to the tropics, or cover for extreme sports, when you’re camping out by the hotel pool?

That’s why Travel with Kit policies were designed as four base policies to cover core benefits like medical, cancellation and baggage cover, along with ten additional packs that allow travellers to tailor their cover to their trip and only pay for what they really need.

The result? Travel insurance that took out Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Exceptional Value Comprehensive Cover, Exceptional Value Ski Cover and Exceptional Value Cruise Cover.

“With our flexible pricing engine, we are able to provide customers a bespoke price for the unique set of risks their trip represents. This means we’re able to provide cover for travellers up to 99 years, include options for all medical conditions, and provide packs to suit all types of travellers and cover for every budget,” Webster tells us.

“It’s the culmination of the years of customer research and market analysis to deliver the best product and pricing for the customer.”

From slopes to seas - cover you can count on

Two of the additional packs on offer from Travel with Kit are the Cruise Pack and the Snow Pack, both of which have been designed with the special needs of particular types of travel in mind. And that care has paid off - Travel with Kit walked away with Mozo Experts Choice Awards in both the Exceptional Value Ski and Exceptional Value Cruise categories this year.

Cruises can present unique situations that call for unique insurance cover, says Webster. And so the Travel with Kit cruise pack includes cover for cruise-specific events such as missed port and missed cruise cover, cabin confinement and even cruise attire.

“Regular travel insurance is a little scared of the water, so we designed our cruise pack for anyone spending more than two nights on a sea or river cruise.”

And as cruisers increasingly set their sights on unusual destinations like the Galapagos Islands or Antarctica, seabound adventurers may need to keep a weather eye on their insurance coverage. As Webster says, “...a medical emergency that requires a customer to be transported back to Australia takes on a different scope when you’re halfway to Antarctica.”

When it comes to hitting the slopes, unlimited overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses is a good starting point. After that, the Travel with Kit Snow Pack builds out coverage based on the kind of claims customers usually make after heading to the snow.

“From equipment to bad weather and piste closures, the snow pack has been designed to cover the primary things that prevent a customer maximising their time on the snow,” Webster says.

“We want our customers to spend as much (safe) time in the snow as possible.”

If you can’t afford travel insurance...

...then you can’t afford to travel. 

But seriously, when you look at the numbers, it’s pretty clear that travel insurance is a no brainer for savvy globetrotters.

From a traveller, “who had to be repatriated after a fatal car crash in Cambodia at a cost of over $50,000” to another customer “with a heart condition who had to be flown back from Tokyo at a cost of over $200,000” some of the claims Travel with Kit has dealt with over the years show just how important a robust travel insurance policy can be.

As Webster puts it, “When 90% of our policies are below $200 vs a possible claim worth 1,000 times that amount it’s a fairly simple risk calculation. Travel insurance is great value for Australian customers.”