RACQ finds more than a quarter of cars are stolen from homeowner driveways

More than a quarter of vehicles stolen over the past 12 months have been taken from a homeowner’s driveway revealed RACQ’s 2015 Car Security Index.

The insurer’s research showed that car thefts from driveways jumped by 3.1% from 2014 (to 25.4%), and 13.4% of cars were stolen from the street in front of or adjacent to the owner’s home.

According to  RACQ’s Executive Communications Manager, Mike Sopinski, thieves are increasingly targeting car keys in owner’s homes given the overall improvements in car security over time.

Sopinski advised motorists to “treat their keys like cash” after a staggering 44.8% of people admitted they sometimes leave their car keys unsecured while at home.

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The research also revealed that 10.5% of Queensland vehicle owners don’t consider their immediate local area to be a safe place to park their car.

The index highlighted a number of locations where there was an increased risk for car theft including shopping centre car parks and public car parks which accounted for 13.4% and 11.3% of thefts over the past 12 months, respectively. Other locations that were favoured by car thieves included bus or rail commuter car parks (7.5%), home garage (6.6%) and work car parks (2.8%).

Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure your car is protected against thievery:

  • Always secure your car keys in your home

  • Ensure you park your car in well lit areas

  • Never leave any valuables i.e. wallet, mobile phone in plain view

  • Always use your emergency handbrake when your car is parked

  • Ensure your car is fully covered in the case of theft by taking out a comprehensive car insurance policy. You can find a competitive car insurance deal with a quick search of our database here.