Travel insurance multi-trip

Did you even know that multi-trip insurance even existed? If you intend on traveling overseas more than once a year, then you certainly qualify for it. Sometimes referred to: Multi-travel or Annual Travel insurance, not only do you save money on your travel insurance, you’re saving valuable time researching while buying peace of mind.

Think about it. That’s one insurance policy for the whole year, which equates to less hassle in anyone’s books and means you can travel multiple times in that year. Thankfully Mozo does all the searching for you. All you have to do is type in when you're traveling year will begin and we do the rest! Remember, this is for private use only as Mozo does not estimate for business needs.

What you need to determine is what kind of things you would like to include in your travel insurance. When you think about it, you probably have a set pattern in the way that you travel. If you’re a light packer, do you really need to pay premium prices on lost luggage? A more comprehensive medical cover may be the way to go. So before you purchase your overseas travel insurance make a list of what’s important for your and circumstance.

How long does a multi-trip travel insurance policy last?

You guessed it. A year. Literally 365 days from the date you purchased your policy. However, please note! it does not mean you actually have 12 months worth of traveling to cover on your policy. You will need to make a decision between different multi-covers available.

Multi-trip travel insurance providers will offer a range of covers from 15 days to 60 days worth of consecutive travelling. This means that for each trip you take within the year, you will be covered up to the maximum number of days.

For instance, John is planning three overseas trips next year: a 14 day holiday to Bali, a 3 week trip to the USA and a 1 week trip to New Zealand. Because none of his planned trips will be longer than 30 days he takes out a 30 day multi-trip policy. John has a buffer in the number of days so that if he decides to extend his holiday in the US he can and be covered.

Which countries can I travel to?

Well, it’s worldwide! The world is literally your oyster. But in saying that, each travel insurance company is different, so you will need to check if the list of countries you intend on travelling to that year are actually listed.

And don’t forget that most travel insurance will be void if the country or area is listed on the Australian Government’s Travel Advisories list. So before making a last minute detour check this out to ensure that if something does happen, you’ll be covered.

Can my kids come?

The more the merrier! Most travel insurance providers have family travel insurance cover and allow up to 3 kids per adult, up to the age of 21 years. That’s a big kid to carry on your shoulders! Again, double check with your provider to see who is eligible to be added to your policy.

Key Multi-trip insurance features:


No one wants to be in an accident, any time of year! But if the unfortunate happens, then you’re covered. Here’s where it gets a little sticky:

  • Pre-existing medical condition? Then your overseas travel insurance company may not have cover you at all, so check first. A single trip cover may be more suitable.
  • Alcohol in your system? If alcohol is recorded during your medical examination after an accident then intoxication could be considered a contributor even after one single glass of wine, voiding your policy.


Toothache on holidays? No thanks. However if it does interrupt your overseas trip, you’re covered. Remember to keep your receipts to make your claim!

Luggage and personal belongings

Keep your eyes on your bags! Because if your luggage goes missing while unattended and stolen from a public place or vehicle, then travel insurance won’t cover you. Luggage temporarily lost in transit? Not a problem. Your provider will even give you an allowance to buy emergency clothes and toiletries. Lost in transit forever? Then your policy should pay you out the value of your bag. Double check before you leave what your provider requires for this to happen.

Cancellation and delays

If your flight is cancelled or delayed for a few hours causing you to miss your next connecting flight, then your travel insurance won’t cover you. Your flight needs to be delayed at least 6 hours before you’re reimbursed. It’s a good idea to space out your connecting flights, because you can never really predict things like unrelenting traffic conditions that may delay you for a few hours. If in doubt, stay overnight in the country you're visiting and book a flight with comfortable timing. Paying for an extra night’s accommodation for peace of mind and comfortable traveling is a lot cheaper than having to book the next flight last-minute at triple the price.

Accidental death and injury

Put your hand up if you anticipate on accidentally dying while on holiday. Yep, we guessed it. No one wants to even think about it. Such a horrific thought, but unfortunately one you need to think about even for a moment while you choose your travel insurance. Having the right cover for this scenario would save your family thousands of dollars in the unthinkable, including transporting body back to where you live and possibly even funeral costs. Permanent disability comes into this discussion also. Providing of course that permanent injury or death is not as a result of suicide, attempted suicide or the result of being intoxicated.

Personal liability

From butter-fingers to being distracted by your new environment - accidents can happen, and by your very own self. Not at all a judgement on how responsible or capable you are, it’s just a possibility. There is no way in the world that if you were to accidentally cause harm to someone or property that you’d want to be sued thousands of dollars, right? So take out a cover that will cover you no matter what you say, see or do. Afterall, you just never know what’s around the corner.


Your travel insurance provider won’t usually cover stolen cash. For multi-travel policies that do, you may only be covered up to $200.

Car rental

Have an international driver’s license? Hooray! That’s a license to drive! You don’t? Then the simplest way Mozo can advise you is: DON’T get behind the wheel, because if you’re in an accident without the right driver’s license, then your insurance won’t cover you at all. There, I think the message is loud and clear.

After all, taxi prices in most places of the world is not as expensive as Australia, so you’re better off sitting back and enjoying the world as it passes you by instead of worrying about new street rules and signs.

Airline and holiday default

Did you hear about the story about the traveller that lost thousands of dollars stranded in the middle of nowhere because their pre paid holiday got cancelled because they went bankrupt? Don’t let that be you. Make sure that your overseas travel insurance covers airline and holiday defaults so you always have somewhere to go, and it’s paid for you no matter what.

Inclusions and exclusions

You’ve probably already worked out that we at Mozo, love reading the small print. We also hope that you do too. If you don’t make time for it before you travel, because what is and isn’t included in your travel insurance policy may surprise you. And that’s what we don’t want - hidden surprises for the worse. So be prepared at every point of your traveling experience and read up before you leave for your trip.

When should I report an incident?

In short, asap. If you make out-of-pocket expenses, it’s a good idea to request a doctor’s certificate and police report if the police are required. Remember to keep your receipts so that you can make a claim with ease.

Sporting activities

Annual travel insurance or multi-travel insurance doesn’t normally cover sporting activities of any kind. Check with your provider if you’re passionate about donning some skis on the alpine slopes in winter then possibly jet skiing in Boracay in the dry season. If sports and other high-risk activities tickle your fancy, there may be the option to pay extra to cover these in your policy.

Civil unrest

If you love a challenge and you’re a bit of an adventurer completely attracted to countries with tricky civil situations, then you’re unlikely to be covered by your overseas annual travel insurance provider. There may be some providers that will allow you to buy a policy at a premium price or for extra, but don’t count on it. If you’re uncertain about which countries to avoid then visit Smart Traveller website. Managed by the Australian Federal Government, it’s a good idea to register your name and date of travel, no matter where you go in the world.


Get your jabs. Even if you’re afraid of needles! The best way to protect yourself and the Australian community for that matter, is to immunise yourself when needed. Check with your GP with what’s required. It may seem like a costly affair, but remains priceless compared to the damage and disruption diseases and viruses can make.

VISA requirements

As each country have different entry requirements, you will need to check with your travel agent.


Not knowing the sanitary conditions of free flowing water around the globe, it’s always a good idea to buy plenty of bottled water, even for brushing your teeth! A hand santiser may be handy along the way as well..

Single trip VS Multi-travel insurance

The cost of your travel insurance will depend on a number of factors including how long you’ll be going for, the age of the travellers and the level of cover you’re after.

Here is a sample of costs for 2-3 overseas trips using Mozo’s travel insurance quote comparison tool.

Age Single trip (up to 30 days) Multi-trip (based on 60 days)
Virgin Money
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$0 luggage and personal effects
Doesn’t include cancellation

Cost: $106.25
Easy Travel Insurance
Multi Trip
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$15000 Luggage and personal effects
Unlimited cancellation

Cost: $274.95
(Ages 38, 40, 11, 5)
Insure and Go Bare Essentials
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$2000 luggage and personal effects

Cost: $207.88
Travel Insuranz
$10000 Medical
$2500 luggage and personal effects
$2500 cancellation fees

Cost: $503.93
Senior Couple
(Ages 69, 74)
Go Insurance
Go Basic
$10000 Medical and hospital
$0 luggage and personal effects

Cost: $497.86
Premier Plus
Unlimited medical and hospital
$8000 luggage and personal effects
Unlimited cancellation fees

Cost: $1318.80

What you need to make a travel insurance claim

Thank goodness for overseas travel insurance! There is really no other way to travel with peace of mind on your side. Remember to keep receipts and police and or medical reports handy to make your insurance a smooth sailing process.

Excess fees

Excess fees aren’t the best of fun, but an obviously necessary way of staying ahead of the game. Choose a policy that doesn’t just suit your pocket at the time of purchase, but may also suit your individual needs if a claim was needed to be made.

Travel insurance reviews

It's a good idea to read other people’s reviews of overseas travel insurance policies. Bear in mind that their individual circumstance, age and destination may be different to yours.