2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards reveal best options for sending money overseas

If you’re looking to transfer some money overseas in 2019 you’re in luck. We’ve just announced the 2019 International Money Transfer Mozo Expert Choice Award-winners!

Our in-house team of Mozo Experts have spent the past few weeks scouring the market and carefully examining their huge product database for worthy candidates. After hours spent assessing each candidate to determine which offered the greatest value or market-leading features, our Mozo Experts finally reached a verdict.

Crowned by our Mozo Expert judges as some of the best options for sending money overseas, we’re proud to present you with our 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award-winners for IMT.

International Money Transfer


This IMT specialist caught our eye with its bank-beating exchange rates and unique operational strategy. TransferWise has bank accounts in different countries around the world, so if you're sending money from Australia to the UK for example, your money first goes to TransferWise's Australian bank account and is then paid to your recipient in sterling from TransferWise's UK bank account. This strategy means that money never actually crosses any borders, which means low-cost transfers for you. Being a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award-winner, you can expect this to be a high-quality IMT option.


Previously named one of Australia’s best value International Money Transfer providers in the 2018 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, this peer-to-peer online IMT marketplace has just become a multi-award winner, taking home a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award as well. With a wide range of currencies to choose from, it’s safe to say, CurrencyFair is a fantastic option for Aussies wanting to send money overseas.

International Money Transfer - Bank


Winning an IMT Mozo Experts Choice Award for the fourth year in a row, Citi is officially Mozo’s International Money Transfer Bank of 2019. So if you’d rather stick with a bank instead of going with an IMT specialist provider, then Citi is a great place to start.

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