Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Smartwatches 2023

A smartwatch is much more than a device that tells you the time. From receiving notifications, replying to messages, answering calls, tracking your steps and monitoring your heart rate, there’s not much a smartwatch can’t do.  Most tech companies now make their own smartwatches so if you’re looking to upgrade from your boring analogue watch but not sure on which brand to go for, check out the winners of the Mozo 2023 People’s Choice Awards for Smartwatches. This year, 23 smartwatchproviders were compared in a survey that had over 1000 responses from everyday Australians. Out of these 23 providers, only two providers won awards. Here are the winners as voted by Aussies:

Build Quality

Excellent Customer Service

Great Performance

Great to Use

Most Recommended

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Value for Money

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Apple People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Great Performance Great to Use Build Quality Excellent Customer Service Most Recommended
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2023 Great%20 performance 2023 Great%20to%20 use 2023 Build%20 quality 2023 Excellent%20 customer%20 service 2023 Most%20 recommended 2023

Tech giant Apple released its first version of the Apple Watch in 2015. Since then, it has released over 10 different versions of the Apple Watch. The most recent versions are the Apple Watch 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple Watch users can use their watches to do so many things, including see notifications, reply to messages, track their steps, monitor their heart rates, check their calendars and track their workouts using the Apple Fitness App.

When you buy an Apple Watch, you can choose between a few different sized faces depending on how big you want the screen to be. The most recent models  (Apple Watch 7, 8 and 9) come in 41mm and 44mm models and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has an even bigger, 49mm face.

When you buy an Apple Watch, you can also choose whether you want the GPS option or the GPS+ Cellular option which allows you to access the internet from your watch when you’re not within range of your phone. This is a really handy feature but you will have to get a separate sim card for your watch from your telco provider to access the internet without your phone. Bear in mind, the cellular option is always more expensive than the GPS option.

You can also customise your watch by choosing the colour and material of your Apple Watch band. There are lots of different types of bands including the Sports Band, Braided Solo Loop Band, Stainless Steel Band or even a Nike or Hermes Band so you won’t have any problem finding a colour or material that suits your preferences.

Apple won 6 awards for its smartwatches; winning awards in the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Great Performance, Great to Use, Build Quality, Excellent Customer Service and Most Recommended categories. 

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Garmin People’s Choice Awards 2023

Great to Use Build Quality Value for Money Most Recommended
Great%20to%20 use 2023 Build%20 quality 2023 Value%20for%20 money 2023 Most%20 recommended 2023

Garmin released its first running watch, the Forerunner 101 in 2003. Since then, it has released a wide range of smartwatches made to endure and enhance all kinds of activities, including hiking, swimming, riding, boating as well as general sport and fitness.

If you’re not so into intense sport, Garmin also sells sleeker, more fashionable smartwatches that can be used to do simple things like check your notifications, help you manage your stress, track your sleep and record your exercise.

So, no matter what sort of lifestyle you live, Garmin has a watch that will suit your needs.  For example, if you are an avid runner and want a watch that will accurately track your running and inspire you to get better, the Garmin Forerunner is probably the watch for you. However, if you want a watch that you can wear every day that won’t look bulky but will still track your activity and encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, the Vivomove or the Lily watch is probably more your style. 

Garmin also has watches for children. The Bounce smartwatch is made to encourage your child to make healthy habits and also allows them to text from the watch and share their location to help keep them safe. 

With all of these options, it’s no wonder that Garmin won four awards for its smartwatches. Winning in the Great to Use, Build Quality, Value for Money and Most Recommended categories.


Which smartwatch brand is best?

The Mozo People’s Choice Awards are a good starting point for your search, highlighting smartwatch brands that are mentioned by Australian customers for a range of things such as build quality, performance, value for money, and customer satisfaction.

How many smartwatch brands were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

There were 23 smartwatch providers rated by survey respondents in the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards. To see the full list of brands, see our People’s Choice Methodology Report.

How did you determine the winners for each smartwatch award?

There were 1046 responses by Australians in the smartwatch category and any brand that received more than 30 mentions was eligible for inclusion. These were then ranked by our judges according to their average rating. The winners represent roughly the top 10% of brands in each category - to find out more, read the full methodology report.