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Aussies spent 21 9 billion on their pets says afterpay

Aussies spent $21.9 billion on their pets, says Afterpay

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes family members are four-legged furry rascals that like to scratch the couch. Even with their occasional mischief Australians still love their pets and are willing to spend more money on spoiling their pets than themselves. 

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Australias best pet insurance

The best pet insurance in 2021

Pets are an important member of any family, and just like us humans, they occasionally fall ill or get into accidents. So, whether your furry friend is canine or feline, owners may want to consider taking out a pet insurance policy to minimise vet bill stress. 

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78% uptick in price this Christmas for Aussies’ favourite pets, finds Mozo

Considering buying a dog, cat or pony for Christmas? Paws a moment. Yes, we know the idea of a new fur baby may be hard to resist, but you need to be ready for the commitment you are making. And that’s not only in terms of time and love, but financially as well. In fact, a recent Mozo mystery shop of some of Australia’s most popular pets indicated that on average prices for fuzzy friends increased by 78% over three years. Meanwhile, the cost and set up of a pet (including expenses like bedding, vaccination and food) increased by 59% on average from 2017 to 2020. With a crowd-favourite breed, the Cavoodle, bumping up by a whopping 344%. Ultimately, this means some pets could end up costing you thousands of dollars, and that’s just in the first year of ownership.

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Santa has a problem how does he insure his reindeer

Santa has a problem: How does he insure his reindeer?

But if you’ve become a proud pet parent this holiday season, you might have your ears pricked for pet care advice. So, we thought we’d take you on a jolly journey exploring some of the things you may have to think about when taking out a pet insurance policy. 

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