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Is your savings rate in the top 10 best interest rates

Is your savings rate in the top 10 best interest rates?

While rates are still high, making sure your savings account's interest rate is good can be helpful to your financial goals. It’s important to make sure your savings are not just idling but actively growing. One way to check how you’re going is by looking at how your account stacks up.

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Have you stuck to your savings plan

Have you stuck to your 2024 savings plan?

The first quarter of the year has already flown by, and it's a good time to take stock of your financial progress. Did you manage to stick to your savings plan, or did unexpected expenses and financial challenges derail your goals?

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Australias best savings term deposits and bank accounts unveiled

Australia's Best Savings, Term Deposits and Bank Accounts Unveiled

Interest rates in Australia have finally moved up from the record lows of recent years, and so there is now more choice when it comes to finding a decent earnings rate for your savings.But with so many different accounts on the market, from bonus rate savings accounts to fixed term deposits and fee-free everyday banking accounts, it can be daunting to decide which savings option is right for you.

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Banks offering 5 pa interest on savings accounts

Banks offering 5% p.a. interest on savings accounts

With the cash rate currently standing at 4.35%, some savings account providers have brought rates on offer up to and even over 5.00% p.a. This means that, while rates remain high, savers can see their cash earn them a fair amount if they get the highest rates possible.

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5 low cost activities to do on the school holidays

The April school holidays are right around the corner which means your kids will be home for two whole weeks. If you’re out of ideas on how to keep them occupied during the holiday period, fear not! We have some creative, low budget (or free) activities that will keep the kids pumped with excitement and help you create some great memories along the way.

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How much do you need to deposit to get the best savings rate

How much do you need to deposit to get the best savings rate?

Most of the highest rate savings accounts are bonus rates, meaning that you must fulfil certain conditions to get the highest rate possible. One of the common requirements is to contribute a certain amount of cash monthly. While this amount isn’t the same across all accounts, there are some commonly offered monthly deposit conditions.

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How to save money fast

How to save money fast

Have you found your savings pool exhausted? Building up your cash pile fast can be a bit difficult when economic times are tough. But what strategies can you take beyond just getting a promotion?

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Which savings accounts changed rates

Which Savings Accounts changed rates in February 2024?

In March, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) continued to hold the cash rate at 4.35%. Of course, with many economists also believing that we’re coming out the other end of the steepest rate climb we’ve seen, many banks have also been revising their relatively high savings interest rates down.

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Money mantras to manifest this month

4 March money mantras to manifest this month

The power of the mind is an amazing thing, and whether you believe in manifestation or not, there is impressive power behind your thoughts. Have you ever stopped to think how your thoughts influence the way you feel and act? The reality is; the way we think about something has a massive impact on our emotions and actions.

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