Stamp Duty Calculator

Home loans cost more than just a deposit. Budgeting for stamp duty is essential when buying property in Australia. 

Our stamp duty calculator makes it easy to estimate how much stamp duty you could pay so you can make your dream home a reality. 

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a government charge in Australia on transferring property titles between owners.

How is stamp duty calculated

Stamp duty varies by state, buyer, and property value. Our calculator lets you fill in these details to see what could apply.

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Transfer Fee


Stamp Duty on Property




Calculations valid for 2023-2024 financial year Includes duty discounts for first home buyers but does not include state or federal grants Some states may give further discounts or exemptions in certain circumstances

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Stamp Duty FAQs

When do you pay stamp duty?

When to pay stamp duty depends on the state. Typically, stamp duty is payable between one and three months after signing the contract of sale and completing the home loan settlement

For example, in New South Wales (NSW), you must pay stamp duty within 3 months of settlement. You must pay within 30 days of signing in Victoria (VIC) and Queensland (QLD). In South Australia, you must pay stamp duty before you can get registered on the Certificate of Title (i.e. before settlement). 

How is stamp duty calculated?

Stamp duty is calculated by the market value of the property or the price paid for the property – usually whatever is higher. Stamp duty rates and first home buyer concessions vary by Australian state and territory, so Mozo’s stamp duty calculator considers your location.

Do first home buyers pay stamp duty?

First home buyers in Australia may be eligible for stamp duty concessions or exemptions thanks to government first home buyer grants. Eligibility criteria depend on the buyer and state. 

How much stamp duty will I pay?

How much stamp duty you pay depends on what the property is worth, whether it’s residential or non-residential real estate, what concessions or exemptions you qualify for, and where you’re buying in Australia. Stamp duty can cost thousands of dollars. 

What are stamp duty rates?

Stamp duty rates are the tax rates on property title transfers in Australia, scaled by property value. These vary by state and territory.

Does stamp duty have GST?

Stamp duty on property title transfers is not liable for GST in Australia.

Can stamp duty be added to a mortgage?

No, stamp duty cannot be added to your mortgage or loan amount. Stamp duty is a separate upfront home-buying cost.

Can stamp duty be paid in instalments?

No, stamp duty cannot be paid in instalments. It must be paid upfront after signing the contract of sale. 

Is stamp duty included in a home loan?

No, stamp duty isn’t included in your home loan. It is a separate home-buying charge paid to the government.

Why do we pay stamp duty?

Stamp duty is just a property tax. It essentially pays for the official government stamp on property title documents, which helps make them legally binding. 

Is stamp duty the same as transfer duty?

Transfer duty and stamp duty are the same thing. Stamp duty is an older name for transfer duty.

What happens if I don’t pay stamp duty on time?

You could be liable for interest and penalty fees if you don’t pay stamp duty on time.