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We have product data on 120+ Australian financial providers covering 6,000 products variants across 10 product types. These include:

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Marketview by Mozo

Marketview is designed to give you an in depth look at the ever-changing Australian retail banking sector.

Covering over 6000 product variants from home loans to term deposits, credit cards and more;

Marketview analyses the moves of more than 120 Australian financial providers daily, to help you make all the right decisions.

Our accurate and extensive data set is updated daily to bring you the fastest and most efficient way for your company to do business.

Whether you choose to use Marketview on a web-based interface, via an API or through a premium, customised dashboard, our tool has been designed to save you time and deliver results in the fastest and most comprehensive way possible.

This is your customisable Marketview dashboard where you can browse standard reports,

create and view your own reports, or browse reports made by other people in your organisation.

Quickly and easily access our extensive dataset of retail banking products with our standard reports, broken down by product category.

Take for instance the home loan category.

Here, you’re able to view and sort on fields like interest rates, the date of a last rate change

and focus on even more detailed features like restrictions, fees and features on any given home loan.

Columns are easily arrangeable for more tailored viewing; simply select, drag and drop in your order of preference


You’ll be able to filter your report on factors like borrower type, loan amount, LVR or financial provider.

Exporting data is also super-simple.

Marketview gives you the freedom to download any report as a PDF to save or print out, or to export as a CSV file to perform further analysis.

You can also use the Pivot Table tool to pivot product data on any column, for example by “offset”, organising product differences, without losing visibility.

If you want to search for a unique term like “cashback”, simply type it into the search field and get instant results.

Our easy-to-generate reports function works in just minutes to help you build customised reports that you can create, analyse and share with your team across the board.

Want to look back on what your competitors have done over the past 2 years?

Simply click on the histories tab to access past data. Upon request you’ll even be able to access data from the last 8 years.

Want to find out more? Make sure you contact us today!

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