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Telstra and optus seeing record 5g speeds

Telstra and Optus seeing record 5G speeds

Telstra and Optus have seen 5G broadband speeds reaching upwards of 5Gbps in testing of millimitre-wave (mmWave) portions of their networks. The mmWave 5G, which relies on a different spectrum of frequency bands than traditional 5G, has begun to roll out in certain areas around Australia. 

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Tv streaming in focus as a league support grows in 2021

TV streaming in focus as A-League support grows in 2021

Support for teams in Australia’s A-League soccer competition has seen an increase, research from Roy Morgan has shown, which, given recent trends, could further the growth of sports streaming services. The increase in supporters over the last year has partly been attributed to Aussies being in front of the TV during lockdowns. 

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Top internet providers ask nbn co for better pandemic relief

Top internet providers ask NBN Co for better pandemic relief

Australia’s top five internet service providers have again banded together to request greater financial relief from NBN Co. The bosses of each provider have joined forces to pen an open letter to NBN Co and the Minister for Communications, labelling their current relief package as inadequate. 

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Sports streaming subscriptions rise as afl memberships boom

Sports streaming subscriptions rise as AFL memberships boom

A substantial rise in subscriptions to sports streaming services in Australia has come alongside a large increase in those who say they support an AFL team. With pandemic restrictions limiting the opportunities for Aussies to see their favourite teams in person, consumers have leveraged their broadband connections to support their clubs. 

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