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Top nbn providers in the mozo people s choice awards

Australia’s top rated NBN providers in the 2021 Mozo People’s Choice Awards

At a time when many Australians are working from home and spending more time than ever indoors, having fast and reliable internet can make all the difference to one’s quality of life. But it can be hard to figure out which NBN providers offer top-notch broadband service without some trial and error. The 2021 Mozo People’s Choice Awards are a way around this. Now in their 12th year, these awards survey real Australians about how highly they rate their household services, including NBN providers.Unlike the Mozo Experts Choice NBN Awards, where our experts use data analysis to determine the best value broadband plans, the People’s Choice Awards are based on the attitudes of everyday people, with 2,132 individuals participating and rating 89 NBN plans in total this year. “The basic NBN service is pretty similar, no matter which provider you go with. What really differentiates each provider is how responsive they are when you do have a problem, and whether their service meets your expectations and is up to scratch in a practical sense,” said Mozo Banking Expert, Peter Marshall.“This is where knowing actual people’s experiences of a NBN service becomes really valuable.”  Let’s take a look at which NBN providers came out on top in the 2021 People’s Choice Awards:

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Congestion free nbn plans what are they and are they right for me

Congestion free NBN plans: What are they and are they right for me?

Regardless of how much time you spend on the internet, there’s nothing worse than a slow broadband connection. In the NBN world, this issue is often referred to as ‘congestion’, as it typically occurs during times when internet demand is at its highest, such as during the peak evening hours. And unfortunately for many Aussie households, it’s a pretty regular problem. To combat this, many NBN providers have begun offering ‘congestion-free NBN plans’ to customers. But what exactly are these types of plans and how do they differ from regular NBN products?

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5 of the top NBN providers

No matter what sort of internet user you are, there are a range of broadband plan options available, and with different speeds too. Maximum speeds currently sit at 12, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 1000 Megabits per second (Mbps).

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