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Will new reinsurance pool make insurance cheaper in northern australia

Will new reinsurance pool make insurance cheaper in northern Australia?

PM Scott Morrison announced this week on Cairns 4CA radio station that the federal government will be introducing a $10 billion reinsurance pool for northern Australia. The reinsurance pool will come into place in July 2022 and the Insurance Council of Australia has expressed its support for the scheme. 

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Guide to government and banks nsw flood financial relief

Guide to government and banks' NSW flood financial relief

A storm of the century has been tearing through New South Wales, causing widespread flooding across the state and forcing thousands of people to evacuate over the weekend. Right now flood evacuation orders are in place for several towns and suburbs including Brushgrove and Cowper, Moree and Ulmarra as well as areas along the Hawkesbury River including Colo River, Agnes Banks and Freemans Reach.Although the rain has now eased, authorities are urging people to remain vigilant as some rivers have yet to reach their peak levels. In the meantime, the government and the banks have also rolled out a number of financial support measures for households and businesses affected by the floods. Read on for a snapshot of their flood relief packages and details on how to access them. 

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Is your new 2020 hobby insured

Is your new 2020 hobby insured?

For many 2020 has been the year of discovering and embracing new hobbies, from cooking up a storm to learning how to sew. Inside homes across the world, people have been doing workouts, practising musical instruments and, of course, baking banana bread.

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