Australia’s Best Mobile Plans in 2024

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Aussies are spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile phone plan options, which is why it’s so important to compare mobile phone plan providers and find a deal that suits your data, roaming, sms and calling needs as well as your budget.

To help you with some of that legwork, Mozo’s team of money experts each year crunch the numbers across various plan types to announce the winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Phone Plan Awards, some of which are listed below. You can also see which providers Australians just like you love by checking out Mozo People’s Choice Award Winners or view the Editor’s picks for this month. 

Expert Picks: Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning Best Mobile Plans

Mozo Experts Choice Awards Badge 2024

To pick the winners of the 2024 Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Plans Awards, our team of Mozo Expert judges analysed and compared 640 different mobile plans from 49 telco providers against a range of criteria (which you can learn more about in the methodology report).

After assessing each mobile phone provider's plans to determine which offered the best value, our Mozo Experts split the winners into several award categories to reflect the needs and budgets of different Australian customers.

So whether you’re a heavy data user or are just after a plan that’ll cover the basics, here’s a look at some of Australia’s best Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning Mobile Plans^.

2024 5G Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan Provider of the Year: Lebara Mobile

The exceptional value and ample data allowances of Lebara’s monthly plans impressed the Mozo judges. The following plans took out awards in 2024: 

Plan nameAward category
Extra Large 30 Day
5G Prepaid Medium Mobile Plan
Extra Large 30 Day with First Class Roaming
5G Prepaid Mobile Plan with International Roaming
Large 360 Day
5G Long Expiry Mobile Plan
Medium 30 Day
5G Prepaid Small Mobile Plan
Medium 30 Day with First Class Roaming
5G Prepaid Mobile Plan with International Roaming

2024 5G Postpaid Mobile Phone Plan Provider of the Year: Moose Mobile

Clinching awards in five categories, Moose Mobile was a standout for providing exceptional value and generous data allowances in monthly plans. It won the following awards in 2024:

Plan nameAward Category
5G Postpaid Medium Mobile Plan
100GB with Roaming
5G Postpaid Mobile Plan with International Roaming
5G Postpaid Large Mobile Plan
200GB with Roaming
5G Postpaid Mobile Plan with International Roaming
5G Postpaid Small Mobile Plan

2024 4G Postpaid Mobile Phone Plan Provider of the Year: Spintel

If 4G gives you the cover and speeds you need for your use, Spintel boasts a diverse range of 4G plans at great value according to our assessment. The following plans scooped awards this year: 

Plan nameAward Category
100GB4G Postpaid Large Mobile Plan
4G Postpaid Small Mobile Plan
4G Postpaid Medium Mobile Plan
Data Only - 50 GB
4G Postpaid Medium Data Plan

Other standout Mobile Plan winners in 2024:

Let’s look at some of the other awards categories featured in the 2024 Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Plans Awards^.

  • Best Family Plans: This category examined telco providers who allowed customers to bundle and save or share their family’s combined data allowance. The winners were Aussie Broadband, Vodafone and Optus.
  • Best International Roaming: With many Aussies making up for lost time and heading overseas, if you’re after an award-winning international roaming option, in addition to the Provider of the Year winners above Belong, Boost and Optus also won in this category.
  • Data only plans: Depending on 4G or 5G requirements and your data needs (small, medium or large) some winners include: Telsim, Yomojo, Cmobile, ALDI Mobile, JB Hi-FI and Tangerine Telecom.

Check out the other Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Plans Awards categories and winners.

Customer Favourites: Mozo People’s Choice Award-winning Mobile Plans

Mozo People's Choice Awards 2024 banner.

Each year at Mozo, we hand over the mic to everyday Aussies to allow them to have their say about their favourite companies and providers across a range of categories. The winners of each category are awarded a Mozo People’s Choice Award.

This year we asked over 4,000 everyday Australians which mobile provider impressed them the most, from value for money to network reliability.

47 providers were considered for awards but only five companies came away with awards across the five categories in the Mobile Plan section. These companies are ALDImobile, amaysim, Kogan Mobile, Everyday Mobile from Woolworths and Moose Mobile.

ALDImobile and amaysim stood out as returning champions, winning awards five years in a row. amaysim won awards in four out of five categories this year, while ALDImobile won awards in all five.

Great news for customers looking for options outside the three major networks!

Compare plans from the 2024 Mozo People’s Choice Award-winning mobile providers below.


ALDImobile is clearly a popular choice among Aussies, winning an impressive five awards out of the five categories. This is the fifth year in a row that they have won awards.

The categories won by ALDImobile were: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money, Clear Billing, Network Reliability and Most Recommended.


Tying with ALDImobile, Amaysim also won an eye-browraising four awards and it is worth noting that this is also the fifth year in a row that they have won a Mozo People’s Choice award.

Amaysim won in the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money, Clear Billing, and Most Recommended categories.

Everyday Mobile from Woolworths

For the second year in a row, Supermarket giant Everyday Mobile from Woolworths also came out winning multiple mobile plan awards this year.

Woolworths won awards in the Value for Money, Clear Billing, Network Reliability and Most Recommended categories.

Kogan Mobile

Kogan mobile is a popular choice among Aussies, winning a 2024 Mozo People's Choice Award in the Value for Money category.

This month's picks: Best mobile phone deals on Mozo in June 2024

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Prepaid mobile plans can be a budgeters best friend. 

A prepaid plan is all paid for upfront, so it's an easy to control your spending without worrying too much about surprise data charges.

Check out some of the hottest prepaid mobile plan deals available via WhistleOut database below.

FAQs about mobile phone plans

What is the best mobile plan in Australia?

Ultimately the best mobile plan will depend on the customer, as they come with a wide variety of features, extras, data and call/text allowances, and more. Head over to our mobile comparison hub to see what looks exciting to you!

Which mobile phone plans use the Telstra network?

There are plenty of Telstra MVNOs, including ALDI Mobile, Belong, Boost Mobile, Lycamobile, Pennytel, Southern Phone, Tangerine Telecom, and Woolworths Mobile. 

Is it cheaper to buy a smartphone on a plan?

These days, you have two main choices when it comes to buying a smartphone. Either you buy it outright or pay it back over a period of time with a mobile provider (usually 24-36 months, interest-free).

While spreading the cost out over time can keep the upfront price down, there’s ultimately very little difference in overall cost between buying your handset outright or via your monthly bill payment. 

What's the most popular mobile phone in Australia?

Brands like Apple's iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are quite popular in Australia, with newcomers like Google Pixel following close behind. User friendliness, great features like high-quality cameras, and availability of purchase options has helped contribute to their ubiquity down under, though these may not be the cheapest smartphone models around.

These phones also tend to be quite flexible internationally, making them an appealing choice for visitors and outgoing locals alike.

Are smartphones vegan?

Astonishingly, not always. You can find more answers to your quirkiest questions with our new silly mobile FAQs

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Go check out the full winner's list of the 2024 Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Plans Awards. To learn more about the judging process, here’s the methodology report.

Here’s the 2024 Mozo People’s Choice Awards full winner list and methodology report.

^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Plans Awards and the Mozo People’s Choice Awards.