Meet the Mozo Moneyvators - our team finance experts and journalists

Mozo's money writers are motivated to help everyday Aussies save money. Hence the name the Moneyvators! Whether it's uncovering a great rate home loan or feature filled credit card, our goal is to dig through the fine print to uncover the best deals in the financial market. We are also constantly on the hunt for thrifty tidbits and tips that we share in our lifestyle hubs, so you can plump up that savings account in no time.

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Picture of kylie-moss

Kylie Moss

Content and community director

Working with everyone from our web designers to tech gurus, Kylie ensures all facets of the Mozo website offer the best possible experience to Aussies searching for a better deal. She has over 20 years experience in communications and her ultimate goal is to put the power back in the consumer's hand by making money management a breeze.

Biggest money motivation: "I'm a spending plan convert, so my biggest motivation is guilt free spending. This means paying the least amount necessary for essential expenses like our mortgage and utilities, and putting the maximum towards our fun money stash to use on holidays, nights out and gourmet ice-cream."

Picture of aj-duncanson

AJ Duncanson

Director of Data & Compliance

AJ heads up Mozo's awards program, comprising both the Mozo Experts Choice and Mozo People's Choice Awards. He's a data scientist and actuary, and takes great care - and great pride - in ensuring that we find and award the very best products out there, whether the best value, highest quality or most popular. He's been a part of Mozo since the beginning, and before that gathered decades of experience in financial services product pricing, product management and strategy.

Biggest money motivation: "I want my daughters to have opportunities and experiences as they grow into adults. I want to travel. I want to retire well. And I'm keen to get out from under my Sydney-sized mortgage."

Picture of peter-marshall

Peter Marshall

Financial Services Specialist

Beginning his career working for the banks, Peter has spent the last 15 years helping consumers compare financial products and polishing his expertise in data analysis. At Mozo, he manages the Data Team, which keeps track of banking, insurance and energy products in Australia and plays an integral part of the judging panel for the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. Outside of data crunching, Peter likes fast cars, hard philosophy, and simple adjectives.

Biggest money motivation: "It's often said that wealthy people got that way by being frugal with money - I may not be wealthy, but believe this is a good principle to live by. I love using my industry knowledge to find the best banking deals and let others in on where they are."

Picture of gabriella-margerison

Gabriella Margerison

Personal finance writer

Gabby is the Copywriter at She has a Media and Communications background and a thirst for all things finance. When she's not knee-deep in researching about home loans and credit cards, you can find her in the kitchen pursuing her other passion- baking. Gabby works as part of the marketing team to ensure that all consumers know their options and make smarter decisions when it comes to money.

Biggest money motivation: "To save money on the big things, so I can have spare change to indulge on the little things like shopping and travel."

Picture of jp-pelosi

JP Pelosi

Managing editor

JP Pelosi is the Managing Editor at Mozo and brings his broad editorial experience in the financial services sector to our daily content. He has written news and communications for companies such as CommBank, Suncorp, Amex and Allianz. JP additionally spent five years covering real estate and home loans during Australia's most recent property boom, mostly for CommBank's start-up news portal MyWealth. As such, he enjoys getting to the bottom of property challenges, myths and the ongoing debate around housing affordability.

Biggest money motivation: "I always try to put a little money away for a rainy day - or a special occasion. I like the idea of making money stress-free, simply by knowing I've got something saved for when I need it"

Picture of brad-buzzard

Brad Buzzard

Senior Money Writer

Brad has a knack for making superannuation and insurance topics clear and relatable. He's not just skimming the surface; he gets into the nitty-gritty of policy details with the goal of offering straightforward explanations. His writing reflects a genuine curiosity and a commitment to clarity, stripping away the jargon that often clouds financial discussions. With Brad, the complexities of financial services are translated into practical, understandable advice.

Biggest Money Motivation: Money wisdom isn’t about complexity; it’s about common sense. For me, financial well-being mirrors physical fitness: it’s about making informed, healthy choices that sustain you for the long haul.”

Picture of rhianna-dews

Rhianna Dews

Senior Money Writer

With a Master of Journalism and Communication under her belt, Rhianna's goal is to make learning about personal finance as engaging as it is important. An advocate for using the power of social media to convey a message to an unlimited audience, Rhianna keeps Mozo's readers in the loop with the latest everyday money hacks.

Biggest money motivation: "With a 'carpe diem' mindset, I've come to realise the importance of saving money for a rainy day. With a few money-saving strategies in place, I allow myself the financial freedom to live in the moment, while continuing to set myself up for the future. This is often easier said than done, but I'm definitely learning!"

Picture of jack-dona

Jack Dona

Money writer

Coming from a communication and journalism background, Jack's goal is to cut through the jargon and give people the knowledge they need to make better informed financial decisions. 

Biggest money motivation: "It has to be financial security. Knowing that I have a safety net to fall back on in an emergency, or having the budget to travel once a year, takes the stress out of living. It's also nice to know that I can afford to buy quality, big-ticket items that actually last, when I need to."

Picture of jasmine-gearie

Jasmine Gearie

Senior Money Writer

Jasmine joined Mozo from TechRadar Australia, where she covered the telco and NBN sector for over three years. She’s now turned her attention to the world of personal finance, with a special interest and expertise in home loans and savings accounts. Jasmine studied a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism and Public Relations).

Biggest money motivation: "Whether it’s looking at the banks, energy companies or internet providers, I love to hunt for a better deal and share it with our readers. I’m motivated to minimise the necessary expenses, so I’ve got money to spend on the fun stuff."

Picture of cameron-thomson

Cameron Thomson

Money writer

Coming from a background in creative writing and history, Cameron always seeks to write in a fun and engaging way. He's usually thinking about long-term ways of saving and preserving financial wellbeing.

Biggest money motivation: "Being comfortable financially is important to me—the worst kind of stress is money stress. Learning to manage, save, and invest has been a journey that has allowed me to live my life fully without hurting my wallet."

Picture of rachel-wastell

Rachel Wastell

Money & Finance Expert

Rachel is an award-winning writer, with a knack for translating complex financial jargon into plain English. Writing professionally for over a decade, Rachel has been published in major mastheads including The Guardian, the Australian Financial Review, Business Insider and Lifehacker. Her financial insights and data analysis has seen her providing expert commentary on personal finance and money matters on 9News, ABC News and SBS World News.

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