The best NBN plans in Australia 2022

Woman using a laptop and great NBN plan to video call friends.

A great internet connection is essential for modern day work and play. From making endless video calls while working from home to attending online concerts and events, our broadband plans have become more integral to everyday life.

That’s why Mozo scoured the fine print of internet options to crown the very best NBN plans in the Mozo Experts Choice NBN Awards

Our expert research team analysed NBN plans from more than 100 retailers based on a number of factors including download speeds, data limits and pricing. They then divided them up into award categories which reflect broadband speeds to suit different types of users. 

Whether you’re a creative who needs excellent upload and download speeds for smooth workflow or a Netflix junkie on the lookout for the next great show to stream, there’s sure to be a plan to suit your needs in Mozo’s selection of the best NBN plans in Australia. 

Check out a few of the award-winners below:

Best Standard Plus (NBN 50)

This category assessed the middle tier of NBN speeds, only including plans which had no limit on data usage. This might be a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable, solid connection but don’t require lightning-fast speeds for things like work or gaming.

Spintel Plus 50
  • 50Mbps advertised typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $54p/m for first six months, $64.95p/m thereafter
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With unlimited data and an advertised typical evening speeds of 50Mbp for $64.95 per-month, Spintel Plus 50 is a great option for everyday internet users looking for a boost. Currently, Spintel are offering new customers $10.95p/m off on this plan. In addition to this award, Spintel's Premium 100 NBN plan also took home a Mozo Experts Choice Award in the Fast (NBN 100) category. Just keep in mind there’s a one-off $69 fee for the WiFi modem plus $20 postage for both speed options.

Exetel Standard Plus nbn50
  • 48Mbps advertised typical evening speed & unlimited data
  • Optimised for streaming
  • $75 per-month
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Nab a great $75-a-month plan with the Exetel Standard Plus nbn50. Ideally suited for households of 3-6 users, the plan comes with unlimited data, typical evening speeds of 48Mbps, and is optimised for streaming and speed rated by Netflix. Remember: you’ll need to pay an additional $79 one-off fee for the modem. If you’re after a faster connection, Exetel also took home a Mozo Fast (NBN 100) award for its Premium nbn100 plan.

iPrimus Standard Plus
  • 50Mbps advertised typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $75 per-month
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The iPrimus Standard Plus NBN plan delivers unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 50Mbps for $75 per-month. It’s great for multiple users working, gaming or HD video streaming. Don’t forget the initial $70 one-off fee for the modem and set-up, or that iPrimus also scored a Mozo award for its Premium plan in the Fast (NBN 100) category.

Best Fast (NBN 100)

This category assessed premium plans offering unlimited data and some of the top speeds available through the NBN. Online gamers, video conference callers and 4k video streamers roll up!

Dodo nbn100
  • 92Mbps advertised typical evening speed & Unlimited data
  • Multiple contact methods – live chat, kiosks & calls
  • $85 per-month
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Dodo’s nbn100 plan offers great value for scrollers and gamers alike, with unlimited data and typical evening speeds of 92Mbps for $85 per-month. It’s perfect for households with multiple online gamers and video streamers, but just remember there’s an extra $60 set-up fee which includes the WIFi modem.

TPG NBN100 Unlimited
  • 85Mbps advertised typical evening speed & Unlimited data
  • Set-up and modem included
  • $79.99p/m for first 6 months, $89.99p/m thereafter
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With TPG’s NBN100 Unlimited you can expect a typical evening speed of 85Mbps and unlimited data, plus modem and set-up costs covered for new customers, all for $79.99 for the first six months ($89.99 thereafter). This is another great option for anyone happy to pay a little more so they can move faster on their internet excursions.

Best Super Fast (NBN 250)

Plans in this category had to offer even higher download speeds than other categories, alongside unlimited data allowances. If you live with a big bunch of online shoppers, streamers and gamers, these plans might serve you best.

MyRepublic NBN Super-Fast Plan
  • 200Mbps advertised typical evening speed & Unlimited data
  • Supports heavy usage (more than 9 devices simultaneously)
  • $95p/m for first 6 months, $115p/m thereafter
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Get your virtual wetsuit on and prepare for some high-speed internet surfing. MyRepublic’s NBN Super-Fast Plan offers unlimited data and an advertised typical evening speed of 200Mbps for $95 per-month (this price is for the first 6 months, and rises to $115 thereafter). It supports heavy usage from multiple devices at once, and you can BYO modem so long as it’s compatible with MyRepublic’s network (be sure to check first and factor in this set-up cost) or purchase a MyRepublic modem for $149 plus a $10 delivery fee. And just in case you didn’t think NBN could get any faster, MyRepublic also took home a Mozo award in the Ultra Fast (NBN 1000) category.

Mate Elite Mates
  • 208Mbps advertised typical evening speed & Unlimited data
  • No set-up fees with BYO modems
  • $99 per-month
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The Mate Elite Mates NBN plan will definitely be your mate if you’re looking for a super fast internet connection and unlimited data. You can opt to bring your own WiFi modem and there’ll be no set-up costs (otherwise it’s $165 for a modem via Mate). You’ll get this award-winning plan for just $99, and with two other wins in the Fast (NBN 100) and Creator (NBN 100/40) Mozo award categories, you’ve got plenty of options across the speed spectrum with Mate.

More NBN plan winners:

There were some really outstanding NBN plans on offer – so many that we’re running out of room to write about them all! In addition to the categories we’ve already run through, we also had awards looking at plans with greater speeds in the Ultra Fast and Creator categories, plus the basic but still solid speeds in the Standard award category.

Check out Mozo’s other NBN plan winners in the remaining categories.

NBN Provider of the Year: Tangerine Telecom 

Tangerine Telecom took home wins across the Standard (NBN 25), Standard Plus (NBN 50) and Fast (NBN 100) award categories, with its NBN plans offering some of the most competitive pricing in each speed tier. This wide-ranging affordability and top quality service also earned it the much revered title of Mozo’s NBN Provider of the Year.

Tangerine Telecom's NBN plans

Standard (NBN 25)

If you live most of your hours offline, you might not require the high speeds and unlimited data packages other NBN plans provide. Plans awarded in the Standard (NBN 25) category offer entry level internet connection with data limits of at least 500GB and a significant price benefit.

Winner’s in this category who have not yet received a mention include:

Kogan for its Bronze plan (Kogan’s Silver and Gold plans were also winners in the Standard Plus (NBN 50) and Fast (NBN 100) categories respectively).

Belong for its Starter plan (it also took home a Standard Plus (NBN 50) award for its Standard Plus plan).

Ultra Fast (NBN 1000)

For this category, the judges found plans which take advantage of the highest possible line speeds on your connection (where available) and offer the best-value pricing. MyRepublic’s Unlimited NBN Ultrafast plan was the sole winner in this category.

Creator (NBN 100/40)

These NBN plans are great for providing a smooth workflow for creative types with greater uploading demands. Winner’s in this category yet to receive a mention are:

Accord with Officeworks which won for its Ultra Fast plan (the Standard and Super Fast plans also took home gold in the Standard (NBN 25) and Fast (NBN 100) categories respectively)

Tomis Unlimited nbn Hyper won in the Creator category (its Unlimited nbn Fast plan also won in the Standard (NBN 25) awards).

Why should you choose a Mozo award-winning NBN plan?

The Mozo Experts go to great lengths to ensure the NBN plans they award are the best-value across the spectrum of internet users. So if you choose a plan with a Mozo tick of approval, you know you’re getting a broadband service that’s been thoroughly vetted. 

The team had a long list of criteria NBN plans needed to meet to be considered for any of the award categories. All of the 107 home internet providers considered were listed on the NBNCo website in April 2021. Any that exclusively served businesses or a small geographic area weren’t included in the final assessment.

Winners needed to provide the best value and service in the following areas to be up for a Mozo Experts Choice Award:

Cost: This includes set-up costs, modem prices (for Standard, Standard Plus and Fast plans) and monthly charges.

Download data limits: Plans considered for every category bar the ‘Standard’ award needed unlimited downloads. To be eligible for a Standard award, plans had to offer at least 500GB per month in data and be meaningfully cheaper than unlimited options.

Contract options: Plans with contracts were included if they were cheaper or the same price as the no contract alternatives in each speed category. Contract costs over 12 and 24 months were calculated for this assessment.

Advertised speeds: NBN providers had to openly advertise their typical evening speeds to be considered for an award, with each category requiring a minimum speed.

Delivery technology: Fibre-to-the-node (where fibre-optic cable running to a cabinet at the end of a street is used to connect the NBN to properties) and fibre-to-the-curb (which runs from a home’s curb or driveway) were identified as the cheapest and most representative options for NBN delivery to Australian households.

Technical support: To be considered for Mozo’s awards, NBN retailers had to offer tech support over the phone from at least 9am to 7pm every weekday, and some hours over Saturday and Sunday.

Want to learn more about the NBN Plan winners? Have a flick through our Expert Judges’ NBN plan methodology report, or head over to the Mozo Experts Choice Awards hub for more info about all the financial services we compare.

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