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Can I get NBN for my granny flat? Here’s how to connect


For Aussies living in a granny flat or outbuilding, a broadband connection can be slightly more complicated to organise. If sharing the internet connection of the primary residence isn’t an option, there are still a number of ways you can get connected to the NBN network.

If your property has its own address, you can connect to the NBN network following the usual steps without any issues. If your property does not have its own address, or shares the address of the primary residence, there are a few more steps that you may need to take to get connected. 

A range of options exist for how you can get your granny flat or outbuilding connected to its own NBN setup, and we’ve broken them down below.

Extend the connection from the primary residence

If the owner of the primary residence on your block of land is already connected to the NBN network, it may be possible to extend their connection to your property. 

This will involve getting in touch with the owner’s NBN service provider, who will be able to walk you through any necessary steps that can be taken. As this will likely require the installation of extra cabling, there is likely to be a fee involved. 

A separate option is sharing the Wi-Fi connection of the owner, however this will of course be dependent on your relationship with them and any terms you will need to agree upon.

Organise an additional service from your broadband retailer

In some circumstances, your internet retailer may be able to set up an additional NBN service even if your additional ‘flat’ shares the same address as the primary residence. 

You will need to get in touch with your internet service provider to determine whether your premises is eligible for an extra service, and they will walk you through the necessary steps and any costs you may incur. 

Register your unrecognised address

Even if you share the same address as the primary residence on the property, you may still be able to register your granny flat or outbuilding with NBN Co. 

If you wish to try this option, get in contact with your internet retailer (or one you plan to register a service with) and they will get in contact with NBN Co on your behalf.

Unfortunately NBN Co does warn that in most cases this option is not available for those whose premises are at the same address with the primary residence, due to the fact that NBN connections must be registered to unique addresses. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider one of the other options we have listed. 

Consider wireless broadband

If attaining a separate NBN connection is proving a struggle for your granny flat or outbuilding, you may wish to consider wireless broadband. 

Rather than relying on an NBN connection, your property will be connected to the internet via your provider’s mobile towers. You will still be able to connect via a modem, similar to a traditional Wi-Fi connection, and all of your usual devices will be able to connect.

Some retailers offer access to their 4G or 5G networks, although this will depend on your chosen plan. While not relying on direct cabling to your property or nearby as an NBN or fibre connection requires, wireless broadband is still quite reliable and offers competitive speeds.

Looking for a new internet plan? Head over to our broadband hub to find and compare providers in your area, or view some popular wireless broadband plans below.

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Cooper Langby
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