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NBN outages: Is your internet problem with the network or your provider?

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Slow or unreliable internet can be frustrating, particularly if it’s a constant issue. While some issues may be solved by the customer, other issues require the involvement of your internet service provider or NBN Co.

Knowing who to contact for help or what the cause of the issue is can at times be confusing. So we’ve done our best to break down what steps you should take to remedy any issues you may have.

The DIY steps to fix your internet connection

No surprises here, but before taking the time to contact your internet provider or NBN Co for help, there are a few things you can do to check everything is right on your end:

  • Check cables are plugged in securely and in good condition
  • Check your device is connecting properly
  • Reboot your modem/router and devices

If any of the cables connecting your router to the power or incoming coaxial supply for your internet are loose or damaged, chances are your Wi-Fi will be affected. Slow or unstable internet can be a result of faulty cables or connections. If the cabling is in good condition but just loose, reconnect everything properly and see if that fixes any issues. Damaged or faulty cables can be dangerous and should be replaced. Turn off the power supply before handling any damaged cables and contact your internet service provider for a replacement.

If your devices are experiencing slow or inefficient internet, ensure they’re properly connected via Wi-Fi. This may seem obvious, but your devices can at times disconnect themselves or join other networks than the one you were intending, such as a hotspot.

Lastly, if everything seems to be in order but your connection still isn’t working as it should, you can try a reboot of your router and devices. While not a sure-fire method to fix any issues, sometimes a hard reboot of your router or devices encountering connectivity problems can remedy the situation.

If you’re having sustained issues with your Wi-Fi not reaching certain areas of your house, you might want to consider a Wi-Fi extender. Your modem is only able to transmit your internet signal so far on its own, but for those with bigger houses who may have internet connectivity issues an extender may be able to help boost your connection.

Your internet service provider will handle most internet issues

If everything seems to be in shape at your end but your internet connection still isn’t performing as it should, your service provider will be your next point of call. Contact the customer service department of your internet service provider, and they should be able to guide you through the next steps.

Common issues that your service provider should be able to address include slow internet, connectivity issues, poor coverage and any issues with hardware that they provided you with. Some of these problems they may be able to address remotely, but they will be able to guide you through any process regardless.

If the issue persists beyond your provider’s help, NBN Co may be required to assist to fix your internet problems. It is worth noting that most internet service providers will deal with NBN Co on your behalf, rather than forcing the customer to do so themselves, but if you like to handle things directly you may be able to get in touch.

NBN Co can help with internet infrastructure or network-wide issues

If the issue with your internet stems from the infrastructure or problems with the network, then NBN Co will be the ones to fix it. Whether it was yourself or your service provider who got in touch with NBN Co, a technician will contact the homeowner to organise any works that need to be done.

If the issue is affecting parts of the network rather than just yourself, chances are NBN Co are already working on it. If not, you reporting your issue should encourage them to get on top of the issue and it should shortly be resolved.

You can check the current network status with NBN Co before getting in touch to see if they’re already aware of the issue and working on a solution.

Good customer service from your provider can save time and effort

Finding a reliable internet service is important for broadband stability in your home, but no matter your provider issues can occur.

Finding a provider that offers quick, useful customer service can help you save time and effort when any issues do arise.

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