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NBN speed tiers: Find popular plans to suit you

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With the nbn rollout completed around Australia and upgrades continuing across the network, most Aussies will find themselves eligible for a large range of broadband plans to get their homes connected to the internet.

We’re breaking down the different speed tiers offered on nbn plans, and what they mean for you and your internet. We’ve collected some popular plans in each speed tier, or you can head over to our broadband hub to find more.

NBN Basic I

NBN Basic I plans are the lowest speed tier offered across the nbn network. Typically these plans will be available at a lower cost than the higher speed tiers, but that will of course depend on your chosen provider.

NBN Basic I plans offer download speeds maxed out at 12mbps, and can handle 1-2 users connected at the same time. Bigger households will likely want to consider plans offering a bit more freedom, but for a small household an NBN Basic I plan might suffice.

NBN Basic II

NBN Basic II plans offer a faster speed than their Basic I counterpart, but are still categorised under the same speed tier.

Basic II plans offer download speeds capped at 25mbps and can also handle 1-2 users connected at the same time. Smaller households that want more speed than a Basic I plan can offer without jumping up speed tiers, might be best suited to an NBN Basic II plan.

NBN Home Standard

The NBN Standard speed tier is considered the most suitable for the majority of Australian households, hence the name. Offering download speeds maxed out at 50mbps, the NBN Standard tier can handle 3-4 users connected at the same time.

NBN Co lists the Standard tier as offering speeds and stability suited to video conferencing, HD streaming and gaming. So households of 1-4 users who partake in large data usage might want to consider plans in this category.

NBN Fast

The NBN Fast tier offers speeds of up to 100mbps, and can handle 5+ users all connected at one time. Larger households or those with high speed needs might find this tier suits their needs.

There are two higher speed tiers, but both require certain connection types. Most homes are eligible for the NBN Fast tier, but you can check your own address over at NBN Co.

NBN Superfast

NBN Superfast plans offer eligible households speeds of up to 250mbps, and again are suitable for homes with 5+ connected users. Those who are after internet speeds a step above the regular fast plans may want to consider this tier.

You’ll need an FTTP connection or a selected HFC connection in order to be eligible for a Superfast plan. While this can be a little limiting right now, NBN Co are working to make more homes eligible for these top speed tiers. Check your address at NBN Co for information on your connection type and any works planned in your area.

NBN Ultrafast

The NBN Ultrafast tier offers eligible households download speeds up to 1000mbps, or 1Gbps. This is the fastest speed tier on offer and can handle 5+ connected users at once. Those with high speed needs who only want the quickest option available might want to consider this tier.

Again, you will need an FTTP or selected HFC connection to be eligible for this speed tier. If you’re not yet eligible, check NBN Co’s website for future works in your area.

Looking for more internet? Find and compare broadband plans in your area over at our broadband hub.

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