MyRepublic NBN Plans

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Though relatively new to the scene, MyRepublic has won over more than 80,000 Australian homes and businesses with its great value and high-speed service.

About MyRepublic

MyRepublic launched in Singapore in 2011 and expanded to Australian shores in late 2016. It went on to make speed its specialty, with everything geared towards making sure you have the fastest possible internet experience. MyRepublic doesn’t skimp on gigabytes either, with all its plans offering unlimited data. 

On top of all this, MyRepublic offer no-lock-in contracts, plus the ability to BYO (“Bring your own” modem for zero extra dollars. If you don’t already have a modem, you’ll be able to buy one from them (read the terms & conditions for current pricing).

If you ever experience any issues or you find your speeds aren’t up to snuff, MyRepublic’s team of network engineers are available to help sort out any issues.

Gamer-friendly broadband plans:

With its focus on fast, unlimited internet, MyRepublic has also earned a reputation as one of the more gamer-friendly providers around (they make a point to mention they’re avid gamers themselves). 

In fact, they even offer Gamer Pro Premium NBN plans (and Gamer add-ons which you can bundle with your current NBN plan) which are designed to prioritise your gaming traffic over all other traffic types, ensuring super-fast connectivity. 

MyRepublic NBN plans:

Get a load of some of MyRepublic’s NBN plans below:

How to sign up with MyRepublic

To sign up for MyRepublic, you’ll first need to provide your address to confirm their broadband services are available in your area. From there, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can build a plan that suits you. 

The month-to-month contract will be selected automatically – then you’ll be able to choose your plan, plus whichever add-ons you need. There are also a whole bunch of home phone bundles to choose from, plus, you’ll be able to select either BYO modem or purchase MyRepublic’s modem (mentioned above).

To see how MyRepublic stacks up compared to other NBN providers, check out our guide on the Best Broadband Plans in Australia