Vodafone NBN plans

As one of Australia’s largest mobile network providers, Vodafone has proven that they also know a thing or two about NBN. In an impressive triumph, they won across five of the 2019 Mozo Expert Choice Awards NBN categories. 

About Vodafone

Vodafone Hutchison Australia, or more commonly known as just Vodafone, provide both mobile and fixed broadband services and are one of the most popular providers in Australia. Their 4G mobile covers over 22 million Aussies, while their nbn expands across all capital cities and some regional areas as well. 

Vodafone are based throughout the country, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, and thousands of stores throughout the country. They have been pioneers in the telecommunications sector in Australia with their introduction of unique initiatives like $5 International Roaming for mobile as well as Instant Connect and 4G back-up for broadband. 

From their Essential nbn and Essential nbn+ plans to their Premium nbn, as well as their nbn and TV bundle, they offer no set up fees, competitively low monthly costs and unlimited data. All plans come with a free Wi-fi hub if you sign up for 36 months or more, while some give you the option to Bundle & Save by combining all your vodafone products under the same plan to save between 5% to 20% on fees. They really cover all your bases when it comes to getting the most out of an nbn provider, and may be the right choice for you! 

Vodafone award-winning NBN plans

Essential nbn

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for

Vodafone’s Essential nbn gives you all the basics you need if you aren’t a huge internet user or have only a couple of people on the same network. It comes at a low cost of $64 a month, with unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 23mbps. That’s fine for users who simply want to browse websites, watch standard definition (SD) videos or send and receive emails. This plan could be perfect for someone who hardly uses the internet while they are at home, or a person who lives alone so would be the only person using it. 

Essential nbn+ 

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for

The Essential nbn+ plan by Vodafone is designed to accommodate multiple users and devices at the same time. It comes with unlimited data, a $74 a month price tag and a typical evening speed of 45 mbps. This is great if you like to play games online, want to watch HD videos and movies or work at home. Vodafone’s Essential nbn+ also comes with the Bundle & Save option, where you can combine your internet with other products, like your phone, so that you save on plan fees overall.   

Premium nbn

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for

Premium nbn is the cream of the crop in terms of Vodafone nbn plans and is designed for heavy internet users. Premium nbn has unlimited data, comes in at $84 a month and has a typical evening speed of 83 mbps. This plan is great for using many devices at once, 4K video streaming (higher resolution than HD) and uploading and downloading larger files. It also comes with the Bundle & Save feature, and currently offers $20 off your monthly plan for the first 6 months of your contract. This plan could be great for a family or group of flatmates who use the internet for everything they do, like using social media on their mobiles, working from laptops or desktops or using streaming services on smart tvs all at the same time. 

Premium nbn with Vodafone TV

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for

If you are interested in Vodafone’s Premium nbn plan, there is also the option to get the plan with Vodafone TV for an added upfront cost. With the Premium nbn + TV plan, there is still unlimited data, an $84 monthly cost (for broadband) and a typical evening speed of 83 mbps. Vodafone TV costs an additional $72 upfront and can be purchased online with nbn. Vodafone TV is suitable for people who don’t have a smart TV and want to access Google Play, Youtube, Netflix or other apps on their TV. It is an external accessory that can be plugged into any TV, but keep in mind to access Vodafone TV you must have access to internet, so bundling it with nbn could suit people who are looking to kill two birds with one stone - so to speak. 

How to sign up with Vodafone 

To sign up for any of Vodafone’s award-winning nbn plans takes 4 simple steps, and can all be done through their website. 

1. Check your address to see if Vodafone nbn is available where you live - they have a simple search engine on their website, all you need to do is type your address in. 

2. Once your address has been confirmed, Vodafone provide you with installation options - you can opt to either have a technician come to your home or simply self-install. They also let you know whether or not you have access to Instant Connect which allows you to get internet access through your mobile while you wait for your nbn provider. 

3. Choose which nbn plan you want and add it to your cart. Keep in mind you get free delivery on your nbn and Wifi hub. 

4. Time to check out! You must log in with your current Vodafone account or create a new one, by provider the nbn installation address, your home address, email and your personal information. 

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Plan information: The Vodafone NBN plan details above were accurate as of June 2019 when our awards were released, but may have changed since.