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Credit card boom 5 top low card rate deals

Credit card boom: 5 top low card rate deals

As inflation and rising interest rates put a strain on finances, it's not surprising that more Australians are turning to credit to help buffer their budgets.  According to credit reporting agency Equifax, applications for new credit cards surged by 21%^ in the December quarter. Yikes!But a credit card can be an extremely useful financial tool to have at your disposal if you are savvy about when you use it, where you use it, and when to stop using it. And while it can be tempting to be drawn towards cards with flashy rewards points offers and extras like airport lounge access, these cards generally have interest rates over 20% p.a.  Fortunately, there are some cards on the market with low interest rates on purchases, and some even come with low fees and perks. With this in mind, here’s our Editors’ round up of low interest credit card deals this month.

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