Credit card providers Australia

Credit cards can help you navigate day-to-day spending, but how do you choose which? There are more than 60 credit card providers in the Mozo database - listed here from A-Z.

Finding the right credit card can be a lengthy process, with providers often offering multiple cards and promotions to entice you. To help you start your credit card comparison, we’ve listed all of the credit card providers in the Mozo database. Click on a provider to learn more about their credit card offerings.

What types of credit cards are there?

While you’re looking at credit cards, it’s important to know what you’re looking at. Credit card language can be confusing, especially with credit card offers changing so frequently, and so many different types of cards on the market. In order to make sure you’re choosing the right card for you, it’s important to learn which options you have for credit cards, and to familiarise yourself with language you might come across.

Some types of credit cards you might want to consider, depending on your needs, are:

  • Low rate credit card - these feature a low purchase rate, usually below 14% p.a. 

  • Low fee credit card or no annual fee credit card - some credit cards can charge upwards of $300 per year - these tend to be simpler cards with much lower fees attached.

  • Rewards credit card - rewards cards might cost more in annual fees or have higher purchase rates, but can be worth it if you use benefits that come with a rewards card.

  • Balance transfer credit card - this is a specific type of credit card used to pay off debt with a lower interest rate. Some other cards will also have short term balance transfer offers.

  • Travel credit card - these can be credit cards with travel perks or frequent flyer cards with points redeemable towards flights and accommodation.

  • Interest free credit card - a relative of the low rate card, some cards operate more as a Buy Now Pay Later system, where you’ll pay off your purchases over time without interest. In exchange, you’ll usually pay a monthly fee. There are other cards that offer 0% purchase rates, though most are introductory offers or balance transfer offers.


American Express ANZ Australian Military Bank Australian Mutual Bank Australian Unity Auswide Bank

Bank Australia Bank First Bank of Melbourne Bank of Queensland Bank of us BankSA BankVic Bankwest BCU Bank Bendigo Bank Beyond Bank BOQ Specialist

Citi Coastline Credit Union Coles Commonwealth Bank Community First Bank Credit Union SA

David Jones Defence Bank

Easy Street

Firefighters Mutual Bank First Option Bank

G&C Mutual Bank GMCU Great Southern Bank Greater Bank

Health Professionals Bank Heritage Bank HSBC Hume Bank humm90

Illawarra Credit Union ING

Kogan Money


Macquarie Credit Union MONEYME MOVE Bank

NAB Newcastle Permanent Northern Inland Credit Union

Orange Credit Union

P&N Bank People's Choice Police Bank Police Credit Union

Qantas Money QBANK Qudos Bank Queensland Country Bank

Regional Australia Bank

St.George Suncorp

Teachers Mutual Bank The Mutual Bank

UniBank Unity Bank

Virgin Money