Australia’s best green energy providers in 2023

MECA solar-friendly and green electricity

With Australia facing a major energy crisis, it’s more important than ever that as a country we continue to make the switch to renewable energy sources.

If you're enthusiastic about renewable energy, you might be on the hunt for an energy provider offering GreenPower to offset your household emissions, or one that caters for solar panels. Regardless of your preferences, conducting thorough research to find a competitively priced plan is crucial.

Introducing the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Energy, your ultimate guide to Australia’s best green energy providers. Each year, our expert analysts evaluate energy plans available to residential and small business customers for the upcoming year. This year, our experts reviewed 2,438 products from 37 energy retailers. The awards feature dedicated categories for general Electricity and Gas plans, as well as categories recognizing energy companies providing green electricity and solar-friendly electricity plans to residential and small business customers.

If you’re eager to reduce your carbon footprint, there is more than one way to do this. For example, if you’re a homeowner, you might be able to install solar panels. In which case, check out our winning solar-friendly energy providers. But if solar panels aren’t an option, consider one of our 'green' winners. As an energy consumer you have more options than ever before!

Mozo Expert Judge, Peter Marshall explains that this year’s awards aimed to “identify the best value plans for those who want to support renewable energy generation.” In order to do this, the awards only looked at providers that offer 100% GreenPower and are not involved in, or owned by a company involved in the extraction of or power generation from coal, gas or oil.

Since energy prices vary depending on state distributor areas, each category was awarded a winner for each state (with a few exceptions where two winners were named for one state).

You can find all the winners in specific states at our Residential Energy Awards and Small Business Energy Awards pages.

Before you check them out, here’s a rundown of how we assessed solar-friendly and green electricity plans, plus a breakdown of the winners of these awards. 

Best Green Electricity plans

To qualify for our Green Electricity awards, energy providers had to tick a couple of boxes while remaining price competitive. The providers that were assessed had to offer 100% GreenPower and not be involved in or owned by a company involved in the extraction of or power generation from coal, gas or oil.

The providers who met that criteria and offered the cheapest plan in each state were awarded a Green Electricity award. Below are the winning providers in both the residential and small business green energy plan categories.

Residential Winners

Three companies stood out as the winners across all states for this category. The winning providers were Energy Locals, OVO Energy and CovaU.

Small Business Green Electricity Winners

As well as assessing companies who provide green energy to households, we assessed companies who provide green energy to small businesses. One company stood out as the winner across all states. This company is  Energy Local.

Best Solar-friendly Electricity plans

The winners of this category were products that provide the cheapest energy for customers with existing solar panels. The judges also looked at rates for feed-in tariffs for selling excess energy to the grid and as well as the cost of buying electricity from the grid. Winners were awarded for each state, with two winners awarded for NSW and Victoria in the Residential category.

Residential Winners

For the best solar-friendly electricity plans available to residents, the winning providers were AGL, Momentum Energy, 1st Energy, Lumo Energy, Globird Energy, Energy Locals and Origin Energy. (Energy Locals won two awards in this category.)

Small Business Winners

These companies were picked to win awards for having the cheapest solar-friendly electricity plan options available to small businesses.

The winning providers were Sumo Energy, Circular Energy, Energy Locals and Next Business Energy.

For the full list of winners based on the state where you live and more details on how other award categories were calculated, have a read through our Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards methodology report.

*GreenPower is a government-accredited scheme where individuals and businesses can pay a little extra to help drive more energy produced from renewable sources into the grid.

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