The myths your energy provider wants you to believe

couple discussing energy bills

Energy prices are about to get a whole lot more expensive, with new default market offers from the Australian Energy Regulator set to raise bills by up to nearly 25%. If you haven’t considered switching providers, you could be leaving money on the table.

One of the biggest reasons many Aussies avoid making the switch is because they have misconceptions about the switching process. By buying into these excuses, you’re letting your energy provider profit.

Energy switching myths, busted

I’ll have to be home when the switch happens – There’s no need to cut work to switch energy providers. Your providers will do the switch online, so you won’t have to lift a finger. 

I’ll lose power in between providers – Since everything is done online, there shouldn’t be any downtime while you switch. You should be able to work from home uninterrupted, or keep your devices powered with no breaks.

I’ll be billed twice – Your new energy provider will switch once things are settled with your current provider, meaning there shouldn’t be overlap in the billing periods. 

I’ll have to do a lot of work – We all hate hassle, but switching providers doesn’t have to be a big deal. Here at Mozo we do the hard work for you in comparing providers to see if you could find a better deal.

Energy providers are all the same – Ditch those jaded thoughts, because there’s a big difference between paying top dollar and getting good value. Our researchers found that on average, households could save $464 per year for residential electricity and $204 per year for residential gas by comparing providers^.

See what you could be set to save by switching below. If you’ve got your most recent bill, we can use that, but you can still get an estimate without one.

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