Set up your new home with Australia’s favourite services: insurance, energy, NBN & pets

Moving house soon? We’ll bet our bottom dollar there’s a long, daunting list of things to do right in front of you.

To make things easier when it comes to picking essential household services, in their 10th year, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards have counted on thousands of everyday Aussie’s to vote on which insurers and providers have the best customer service, product range, customer satisfaction and more in categories including insurance, energy, NBN and pet supplies.  

And although we're not there to help with labelling boxes and moving furniture, we’re making sure your move is as organised and pain-free as it can be with a list of how to set up your home with some of Australia's favourite services:

Update your home insurance policy

From day one, you want to take a good hard look at your current home insurance policy and make sure it’s still adequate enough to secure your new home and everything in it. You want to look for a home insurance policy that’s not only there when you need it, but delivers a high standard of service if you ever have to make a claim.

Two insurers who came highly recommended in our Mozo People’s Choice Awards are Youi, which won five awards for Most Recommended, Highly Trusted, Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Excellent Customer Service and Excellent Claims Experience and RAC, which also won in every single one of these categories.

Organise your energy services

Once you’ve got the official move date marked on the calendar, it’s time to arrange your electricity connection to the new house and disconnection from the old house. And what better opportunity to review your current electricity plan and look around for a more competitive one?

But price isn’t everything, Mozo's Experts compared energy providers across five states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and ACT. If you’re after an electricity provider you can rely on, check out Mozo Experts Choice Energy Award winners Alinta Energy, which won across 3 award categories including Highly Trusted, Excellent Customer Service and Most Recommended and Momentum Energy which bagged Excellent Customer Service and Clearest Power Bills. 

Set up NBN Internet

Moving to an area with NBN? It won’t take you long to understand how crucial it is that you are in the hands of a company that’s not only got your back with a quality product, but provides you with a high standard of support.

A couple of the Mozo People’s Choice Award winning NBN retailers who are giving Aussies the best online experience are Aussie Broadband which took out awards in all of the Mozo People’s Choice NBN categories, including Connection Speed, Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Most Recommended and Service and Support and multi-award winner Internode, which bagged awards in Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Connection Speed and Service and Support.

Keep your pets happy

Pets are set in their ways and can get very comfortable with their old surroundings, so moving house can be a tough time for them. Before the big move, take the opportunity to give your pets some TLC. Hit up an online pet retailer for some pet essentials and without a doubt some treats and a new toy.

Two Mozo People’s Choice Award winning online pet retailers who stuck with Aussies the most are Budget Pet Products, which scooped up awards across all of the Mozo People’s Choice Online Pet Retailers categories, including Range of Products, Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Delivery Service, Most Recommended and Online Shopping Experience and PETstock which also received awards in all five of the award categories.

If you’re looking for some more award-winning services, as picked by real Aussies, then head to our People’s Choice Awards page for a full list.