Medibank pet insurance

Medibank pet insurance policy options

Cover information and limits in the table below verified as correct at 17 April 2024. Other information correct at the time of writing. Advertiser disclosure. Important information on terms, conditions and sub-limits.


Looking at one of the Medibank Pet Insurance policies for your pet? Let Mozo take you through a few important questions that you might want to know the answers to.

Medibank Pet Insurance won a Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Award in 2023 in the Exceptional Value Accident & Illness Pet Insurance for its Ultimate Pet Care policy and Exceptional  Value Comprehensive Pet Insurance for its Ultimate Pet Care + Routine Care.

About Medibank

Medibank is Australia’s leading health insurance provider, and goes by the motto Better Health for Better Lives.

Medibank Pet Insurance is issued by PetSure.

Medibank pet insurance policies

Medibank pet insurance offers three different pet insurance policy options - Pet Max, Pet Plus and Pet Protect.

The main difference between the three options is the annual benefit limit and the percentage you are eligible to be reimbursed for. The most comprehensive pet insurance policy option is Pet Max, followed by Pet Plus and Pet Protect.

To find out more about the differences between these pet insurance policies, refer to the PDS. 

What is included in Medibank’s pet insurance policy?

Medibank caters to your pet’s needs with three different cover options available for you to choose from.

You can see what you can expect from Medibank across their coverage in the table above. Check Medibank’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for the full terms and conditions.

What optional extras can I add to my Medibank pet insurance?

Depending on which Medibank pet insurance policy you choose, there are some additional things that may be included or optional benefits you may wish to add to your policy.

These include:

  • Emergency pet boarding
  • Travelling in New Zealand
  • Routine care
  • Extra care including specified dental conditions and specialised therapies (this is included in the Pet Max Plan but you can add these benefits on to the Pet Protect or Pet Plus plans)

What exclusions apply to Medibank pet insurance?

With any insurance policy, what you as a policy-holder should be aware of are the exclusions. In a pet insurance policy, usually any pre-existing condition is not taken into consideration and the pet owner is asked to specify the condition at the time of buying the insurance policy.

Medibank’s pet insurance policies also don’t cover elective treatments or procedures such as cosmetic procedures, declawing or ear cropping.

Check Medibank’s PDS to find out more about what’s not included in your policy.

How do I make a claim with Medibank?

Medibank offers a range of ways for you to make a claim. 

Pre-approval: if your pet requires treatment, you can provide Medibank with information about the treatment and an estimate of costs prior to the treatment. You can do this yourself or through your vet.

Making a claim through your vet: your vet may be able to electronically submit your claim for you. 

GapOnly: This is one of the most useful features from Medibank, where you don’t need to pay your vet in full prior to submitting your claim. This is only available at participating vets.

Making a claim yourself: you can submit your claim through the Medibank Pet Portal or you can submit your claim by post. Find out more about how to submit your claim by post in the PDS.

Can I cancel my Medibank pet insurance?

Yes, you may cancel your pet insurance policy any time. Life is unpredictable and situations change. Medibank allows you to cancel your policy by just contacting their customer service team.

The cancellation will be effective once you are provided with a written confirmation of your request from Medibank. 

Once you decide to cancel, you will be issued a pro-rata refund for the uninsured period excluding any government or statutory charges. This is of course for the policyholders who pay the premiums annually. The policyholders who pay by instalments will not be charged any further.

FAQs about Medibank Pet Insurance

What do I do if my pet gets sick or injured?

We always want to be prepared for the worst unexpected moments in our pet’s life, and that is one of the reasons why we may invest in insurance: hoping that we never have to use it. But if and when a situation like this does arise, you should take your pet to your vet as soon as you can. Once your pet is safe, you can think about your pet’s medical insurance and how you want to process the claim.