Heading overseas? Here’s one thing you don’t want to leave without

If you’ve got a holiday in the works, the last thing you want is to be told your trip has been cancelled, or worse yet, you run into a medical emergency once you’ve reached your destination. Aside from being downright heartbreaking, these situations could also put a not so nice looking hole in your travel budget. 

Whether you’re ready to hit the slopes or looking to explore an exotic location, having travel insurance at the top of your to do list is only going to make the holiday all the more relaxing knowing you’ll be covered if anything should go wrong.  And let us tell you… it can! Smartraveller found that one in four Aussie jetsetters experienced an insurable event on their last international trip.

So to help get started, we’ve gathered up some travel insurers who offer some pretty great quality policies to cover you in these instances. Check them out below. 

Get to know these travel insurers: 


World2Cover popped up in Australia in 2015 and since then has made a name for having some of the highest quality travel insurance policies in a number of different areas. They offer three levels of insurance cover, including Basic, Essential and Top. Each policy have a wide range of benefits for single travellers or families, including optional ski and winter sports cover if you’re looking to hit the slopes. 

Zoom Travel Insurance 

Zoom Travel Insurance offers five levels of cover at competitive prices. They keep their costs low by handing the power over to you to tailor your policy. Plus, there’s a range of optional extras, including snow sports and trekking to make sure your cover is in line with your trip. One cool thing about Zoom Travel Insurance is that if you have a pre-existing medical condition, unlike many other insurance policies, they have up to 36 medical conditions automatically covered.

Holiday Rescue

Holiday Rescue specialises in covering families and couples going on holiday in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Southeast Asia regions, however, they’ll also cover travel to places like Amsterdam, Kyoto and London. They have three different types of policies that come with quality medical cover and 24/7 access to a registered nurse if you happen to run into an emergency overseas.

Travel with Kit

Travel with Kit is a fresh, Australian-owned insurance company that moseyed on into the travel insurance scene in 2018. They offer four levels of cover, along with ten optional extras, including ocean and snow sports. Setting themselves aside from other travel insurers, they offer insurance plans that suit pretty much every age and price range. 

Tilda Travel

Tilda Travel is an insurer you could turn to when you’re planning on taking the whole family on a holiday adventure. Whether you’re after a basic, budget-friendly cover or something more comprehensive, then Tilda Travel’s wide range of options will help take the pressure off. Plus, to make bringing the kids along a bit easier, each policy has a nifty, free travel insurance deal for dependent children or grandchildren under 18 years old. 

Travel Insurance Saver

Travel Insurance Saver is an online insurer, packed with a range of policies at discounted prices. They offer a range of valuable nib products from comprehensive or budget-friendly and there’s even a multi-annual trip option for if you plan to travel frequently. And in good news for ski lovers travelling to New Zealand, you’ll be happy to know snow sports cover is free of charge. Otherwise, you can purchase Travel Insurance Saver’s snow sports cover to protect you on your adventure. 

How do I choose the right insurance policy?
If you’ve got a passport in your hand… you should have travel insurance. That’s because although it isn’t compulsory, travelling overseas without it can be risky business.

However, we do understand that all this travel insurance policies and optional extras talk can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, so we’ve got some tips on how to pick the right one for your holiday. Here’s what you should consider: 

  • Where are you travelling to and for how long? Travel insurers can have offer different levels of cover and costs for different countries, depending on what risks or safety warnings there are to travel to certain destinations. 
  • How often do you travel? Some insurers offer a discounted annual multi-trip policy for frequent travellers.
  • Does my credit card come with travel insurance? Complimentary credit card travel insurance is a feature that is available on many credit cards. 
  • What’s on your list of activities once you get there? Depending on what you’re getting up to, you might have to opt for extras, including snow sports. 
  • If you’re under the influence when the event occurs, you’re more than likely not covered.
  • What valuable items will you have with you? Policies can vary in level of cover when it comes to covering valuable items. 
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions? Although some insurance policies have a wide range of cover for pre-existing medical conditions, others might not. Plus, it could cost you extra!

Still searching? Compare all the travel insurance policies in the Mozo database today, or check out our Travel Insurance 101 guide for more info.