Cruise Travel Insurance

Seeing the world by a massive cruise liner would have to one of the most exhilarating ways to explore the world. You may stop at handful of lovely quaint and wonderful towns, islands and countries while getting close to new cultures, art and food. In your private cabin you might have the lapping of waves rocking you to sleep, then possibly the broadest most welcoming sunrise to welcome you in the morning, if you awake early enough to see it.

Think of the great activities on deck. All day. The seemingly unlimited quality bars and restaurants where you can wine and dine any time of the day or night. There may be fabulous theatre or comedy productions on board, engaging entertainment for kids and if you’re lucky, babysitting available for when you feel like going dancing after hours. Sounds like a perfect assembly of fun. We’re jealous!

Cruising is safe, so why do I need insurance?

We understand that the last thing you want to do is call your travel insurance company to report an incident. But since travelling abroad can be unpredictable, even via a cruise, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is investing the time to purchase the right cruise travel insurance for you before leaving Australia.

After all, you don’t want your dream holiday to end up the wrong way round! Your cruise could get cancelled, or something comes in the way of you joining the cruise and need to cancel your ticket. You just don’t know. Best thing you can do is safeguard yourself, no matter what.

Does it matter which country I’m sailing to?

Most travel insurance companies offer policies that cover you when holidaying overseas on a cruise. And what a way to travel indeed! When purchasing your policy, you’ll need to nominate the counties you’ll be embarking and disembarking, especially the countries you intend on spending more than two nights in.

After purchasing my cruise travel insurance, when does it activate?

Still in Australia? Did you know that as soon as you board the cruise ship for your exciting holiday overseas, your overseas travel insurance kicks in, even if you’re still on Australian waters. Medicare no longer covers you for anything and any injuries caused by accidents or illnesses will need to be addressed by your private health insurance.

International waters? If you need medical attention during your cruise holiday, there is usually an international fully qualified medical doctor will be on board to help. The doctor’s services are chargeable and payment is usually required at the start or completion of service. It’s a good idea to keep all your receipts to present to your overseas insurance company to see if you qualify for a rebate.

Is luggage and personal belongings covered?

Luckily, yes. Your luggage and personal belongings are technically covered in a standard policy. Each item qualifies for a different value, so you may want to double check which policy is best for you.Remember! You need to be aware of the exclusions. If your belongings are left unsupervised in a public space, then they’re not likely to be covered by your travel insurance. Doing what you can to safeguard what belongs to you is reasonable and generally what’s expected by travellers. So locking your belongings in your cabin or locker while you’re going to the bathroom is safer than leaving it out in the open in the foyer.

Can I cover valuable items?

If there are particularly special items you want covered and are worth more than what the standard cover will repay you in the case of loss, damage or theft, the most travel insurance agents will allow you to nominate and specify certain items as well as adding a value of your choice. A higher charge and premium may be added in this scenario and a receipt of your purchase may be requested to confirm the value.

Is sporting equipment covered?

Only if you elect to cover it. In most cases, it’s not a standard feature when it comes to overseas insurance policies when cruising about. If you’re uncertain about the equipment you intend on travelling with, double check with your agent to ensure you’re purchasing the right cover.

Remember! Make sure you read the fine print. There are usually specific exclusions when it comes to sporting equipment like from how old it is or what kind. It’s a good idea to have a hunt round for your receipts too, as in some instances your proof of purchase may be requested.

I love water sports

That’s great! But we may as we tell you now: if you’re injured during any water sport activity, your overseas travel insurance company is likely to say, uh, sorry, no, we will not cover you for needing to be 3 months off work because you broke your leg during a water-skiing accident. So pick your activities well!

Even if they’re experienced instructors and the activity is well supervised, does not guarantee it to be safe. Think of it this way – if you chose to participate in water sporting activities at your local beach in Australia, the water sport company that supervises that activity for the day is likely to ask you to sign a declaration that says they are not liable for any injury, should you come to that.

Accidental death or permanent disability

These are sensitive subjects that are not easy to talk about but should be covered when travelling abroad and cruising the world’s oceans. After all, you really can’t predict what’s around the corner and what scenarios you will face.

There are however exclusions that you need to be aware of. Each policy is different, so read over the fine print of the one that best suits you to know what you’re actually getting covered for.

Interrupted by civil unrest?

Unfortunately, in more cases than not, travel insurance companies will not compensate you if per chance your cruise holiday is interrupted by civil unrest or terrorism. Even if you’re travelling to countries that are deemed safe without restriction. Your best solution is to avoid any political protests on the streets when wondering around. If uncertain about existing civil unrest, please visit the Australian Government Smart Traveller website.

You missed your cruise?

Don’t be surprised if you’re running late to board your liner and you see it sailing off into the sunset. Away from you. If you’re not there on time to board, then it may be too late. Each cruise ship usually allows a reasonable amount of time for their passengers to board.

So even if you’re normally a super organised person and is always on time for appointments and think you don’t need to purchase travel insurance that will cover you if you miss boarding it – think again. We just don’t know what’s around the corner. There could be traffic delays or the babysitter had an emergency to tend to. Maybe your taxi doesn’t turn up. We just can’t predict these scenarios, so it’s better to be safe.

Other reasons to get cruise travel insurance cover

There are so many unpredictable situations that could interrupt your holiday across exotic seas and land. We can’t go through all of them right now, but here are a few situations you need to get your head round the possibilities.

  • Your cruise is delayed
  • Your trip is interrupted
  • You need to cancel your trip
  • Your baggage is lost or delayed
  • Your cruise liner goes bankrupt.

Tips for choosing a cruise insurance policy

Dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’ is crucial when it comes to buying travel insurance. In other words, read everything! The small print in your policy will reveal the tiny details that will make a massive impact on your overall claim, should you need to make one.

Where are you heading? The type of travel insurance you require will depend on where you’re travelling in the world. So if the cruising destination is a South Pacific Island tour, compared with an Alaskan Wilderness cruise then your policy will cost far less. So make sure you’re not paying for unnecessary cover.

Excess fees Did you know your excess fee will vary, policy to policy? It really depends on which cover you select. There are so many different entry points. The cheaper the cover, the less you’ll pay initially, but if you make a claim, then your excess may be higher than other policies.

Pre-existing conditions Having a pre-existing medical condition is nothing to be shy about. Revealing this to your travel insurance provider upfront means that they can recommend the best policy for you and your situation. Your cover may cost a little more, but it will mean there will be no hidden surprises. After all, not revealing exactly what’s going on with your body could make your policy null and void.

Report incidents ASAP It’s a good idea to inform authorities on board the cruise ship or if your incident happens in port ASAP. That way you will obtain all the necessary reports and documents you’ll need to verify and make a claim later. It’s recommended that you get in touch with your travel insurance company too, wherever you are in the world and as soon as you’re able.

Hiring unregistered vehicles If you don’t have an international driver’s license or a license for the country you’re visiting, you’re advised against driving and hiring vehicles there. If you are properly licensed, you need to double-check that the vehicle you’re hiring is actually registered. Even if it’s just a scooter to see the highlights while you’re in port for the day. Bottom line is, if you’re driving around without the right license, or driving an unregistered vehicle and are involved in an accident, your travel insurance policy will become void.

Drinking overseas Holiday time often means party time. And why not! You’ve worked super hard for it. But you are responsible for your own self. So while you don’t have to worry about drink driving while on board a cruise, drinking in excess or taking illicit drugs could get you in trouble and could void your travel insurance claim if you injure yourself or others while intoxicated.

How much will cruise travel insurance cost?

The cost of your travel insurance will depend on the following things:

  • the destinations of the cruise
  • the length of the cruise
  • your age
  • if you have any pre-existing conditions
  • type of cover you want

As with all other types of travel insurance, with cruise travel insurance you can opt to have cover from very basic cover for medical expenses through to comprehensive cover which has all the bells and whistles such as trip cancellation, baggage and delay, flight cancellation and more.

Mozo can help you to compare quotes from a range of cruise insurance providers including those that specialise in Seniors Travel Insurance cover.

Here are some examples of the cheapest travel insurance policy at the time of writing for a 50 year old couple taking a 10 day cruise:

Destination Policy Cost
South Pacific Islands itrek wanderer $52.25
New Zealand Kango Cover Joey $46.74
Canada Kango Cover Joey $86.45

Want to submit a cruise travel insurance claim?

At Mozo, we’re always interested in relaying complicated information in the simplest way so you can access the information you need as quickly as possible.

Making an insurance claim doesn’t have to be tricky, or full of words you don’t understand. If you need to make a travel insurance claim as soon as possible, your best solution is to follow the next few steps:

  • Have a hunt round for your travel insurance policy number. If you’re super organised, you’ll be able to locate this as quick as a flash. But we understand life can sometimes get pretty busy and keeping on top of paperwork is not always easy! You could always start your search in the inbox of your email account for correspondence from your travel insurance company.
  • Go to your travel insurance company’s website and visit their Travel Claims tab or page.
  • Most of the time you’ll find a Travel Claim form that you can download, print, fill-out then post. If there’s the option to fill-out and submit online, then you’ll not only save time but also a trip to the post office.
  • In most cases, you’ll be asked to submit documentation to back your claim. It’s a good idea to make copies in case you need to submit originals.
  • Want to save time? Submit your claim online. But if you really need to speak with a representative, your travel insurance company will be more than happy to help. Just send them an email or call them with your enquiry.

When will I hear back?

After submitting your claim online, expect an automated response as the initial contact from your travel insurance company. You’ll receive correspondence from them in up to ten working days. If you’re uncertain, give them a call to chase up your claim.

When can I make a claim?

You can make a claim almost as soon as the incident occurs. But you may want to wait until you receive all reports before taking action. Remember to hold onto any receipts for out-of-pocket expenses as they could help your case. Remember, don’t leave it too late to make a claim! The sooner the better, that way you won’t lose all the vital bits and pieces that you need to lodge.

Travel insurance reviews

Hearing about other people’s direct experience may influence the type of cover you take for your overseas cruising trip. Have a read about the different scenarios that you could come across on Mozo. We collect travel insurance customer reviews of all major travel insurance providers so you can see which ones deliver on price and claims experience.