About SingX

SingX is an international money transfer (IMT) service that started in 2014 in Singapore but has since expanded operations to Hong Kong and Australia. Founded by a group of former bankers, SingX aims to shake things up in the payments space by focusing on cheaper, faster and more convenient remittances for individuals and businesses.

Here in Australia, SingX is authorised and regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC, offering competitive money transfers through its wholly owned subsidiary, SingX Australia Pty Ltd.

SingX Foreign Exchange rates

Rates and fees verified as correct at 20 October, 2020. Other information correct at the time of writing.

With SingX, you can send money from Australia to over 30 countries in more than 15 different currencies. At Mozo, we can help you compare today’s exchange rates with SingX for a range of currencies. Just scroll to the table below, type in your transfer amount and select where you’re sending your money - and our nifty tool will give you an instant result.

Currency At today's SingX Rate, 1 AUD buys* For 10,000 AUD recipient will get
United States Dollars (USD) USD
USD 0.6993 USD 6,993 Go to site
Euros (EUR) EUR
EUR 0.5918 EUR 5,918 Go to site
Great Britain Pounds (GBP) GBP
GBP 0.5402 GBP 5,402 Go to site
Canadian Dollars (CAD) CAD
CAD 0.9221 CAD 9,221 Go to site
Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) HKD
HKD 5.4226 HKD 54,226 Go to site
Indian Rupee (INR) INR
INR 51.6244 INR 516,244 Go to site
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) IDR
IDR 10293.0463 IDR 102,930,463 Go to site
Japanese Yen (JPY) JPY
JPY 74.2603 JPY 742,603 Go to site
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) MYR
MYR 2.9149 MYR 29,149 Go to site
New Zealand Dollars (NZD) NZD
NZD 1.0168 NZD 10,168 Go to site
Philippine Peso (PHP) PHP
PHP 34.1319 PHP 341,319 Go to site
Singapore Dollars (SGD) SGD
SGD 0.9494 SGD 9,494 Go to site
Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) LKR
LKR 129.6292 LKR 1,296,292 Go to site
South African Rand (ZAR) ZAR
ZAR 11.6075 ZAR 116,075 Go to site
Thai Baht (THB) THB
THB 22.0023 THB 220,023 Go to site

Must knows about transferring money with SingX

When sending money overseas with SingX, there are a few key details to keep in mind: 

SingX Products and Services

It can be tricky navigating the world of IMT, but the good news is, SingX offers a range of nifty features that can help with your money transfer, whether you’re making a single transaction overseas or setting up monthly payments to suppliers abroad.

Recurring transfersRecurring transfers

Paying bills to contractors overseas? If you’re looking to transfer funds to the  same recipients on a regular basis, SingX can help. While SingX doesn’t accept standing orders, it does store all the bank account information of previous receivers. So if you wish to send money to the same recipient, there’s no need to re-enter any of those details. Instead, the process is as easy as pressing the ‘Re-book’ button next to an old transaction, checking the exchange rate and confirming the transfer. 

Multiple accounts in one Multiple accounts in one 

SingX makes it possible for customers to send money from more than one bank account. You can add as many bank accounts as you’d like to your SingX account, as long as they are all under your name. 

Rate alerts Rate alerts 

To help you stay on top of your target currency and take advantage of favourable exchange rates, SingX offers two types of rate alerts: one when the rate hits your target value, and another when the rate is at a two-week high. Registered users can choose to receive alerts via both email and SMS, and they can set a maximum of one rate alert for each currency pair.

Why use SingX for IMT?

When it comes to picking a money transfer provider, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice. But here are some of the reasons why SingX is worth considering: 

Just beware that: 

Visit SingX website

Go to site

How to sign up and transfer money with SingX

Signing up with SingX is free and done through the website. Your personal account will be activated instantly once you’ve provided personal details (e.g. name, date of birth, address) and two identification documents (driver’s licence, medicare number or passport) for verification purposes. For businesses, it’ll take about one working day before your account is activated. 

As for sending money overseas with SingX, it takes just three easy steps after signing in: 

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*The exchange rates offered by each provider are indicative exchange rates that have either been supplied by each provider or gathered by Mozo. Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and as a consequence the exchange rates listed here may vary to the actual exchange rate you are quoted by a provider. Please ensure you confirm the actual exchange rate with the relevant provider prior to conducting any transaction. These exchange rates are updated every hour.