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Need to send money overseas for business or personal reasons? Check out the latest tips and money saving tactics when sending money internationally from Mozo’s IMT experts and moneyvators.

What happens if I have HECS-HELP debt while working overseas?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, ex uni students can no longer scurry overseas and escape the worry of making their student loan payments as they once could. In the past two years the rules around paying back HECS-HELP debt from overseas have changed. The Australian Government has tightened its reigns and has now made it compulsory to pay off HECS-HELP even when working abroad.  

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5 common myths about international money transfers debunked

If it’s your first time sending money overseas, then you might have been researching about the best way to do it. And since international money transfers can appear to be a complicated process, myths and misconceptions are bound to arise. But in reality, they’re not that tricky! That’s why we’ve gone ahead and debunked the top five common myths about international money transfers.

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3 steps to make regular international money transfers a breeze

Whether you’re paying business expenses, handling a mortgage on an overseas investment property or sending money to family overseas, setting up regular International Money Transfers could be a great way to make your life just a little bit easier. Here are three steps to follow when you set up your payment, to make sure you’re getting it right:

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