Mozo People’s Choice Awards for International Money Transfers 2023

Sending money overseas is commonplace these days and to find out how well International Money Transfer providers are living up to their customer expectations across a range of areas including Value for Money, Transfer Speed and Customer Service we surveyed over 800 Aussies to find out their opinion.

Excellent Customer Service

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Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

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Wise People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Value for Money Transfer Experience Transfer Speed Most Recommended
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Wise was launched in 2011 with the vision of making international money transfers cheap, fair and simple. Judging from the results in this year’s Mozo People’s Choice Awards with a clean sweep in all categories, it is living up to its vision. Today, Wise helps millions of people and businesses manage their money across the world. 

Whether you’re sending or receiving money internationally, Wise says it endeavours to be as transparent as possible. It shows fees and exchange rate upfront so you’ll always see the total cost upfront. If speed of transfer is important, on some of its most popular routes Wise can send your money in a day as a same day transfer or on some routes instantly, though there are instances when this might not be possible but they will alert you so that you can track the transfer end-to-end.

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Westpac People’s Choice Awards 2023

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent%20 customer%20 service 2023

When transferring money, it’s important to be able to access good support. Westpac impressed their customers and took out a Mozo People’s Choice Award for their excellent customer service.

You can send money to more than 200 countries, all with the 24/7 ease of Westpac’s app or website (winner of a 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Award for Internet Banking Experience). 


How many IMT providers were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

Customers rated 50 providers in the IMT category for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards. 

To see the full list of those included, check out the methodology report.

How did you determine the winners for each IMT Award?

819 Australians were surveyed in the IMT category. In each category, all providers who received at least 30 responses were eligible. The judges then ranked providers in order by average rating, and then determined an appropriate cut-off point to separate winners from the rest. More information can be found in our methodology report.

Which international money transfer service is best?

Finding the right IMT provider really depends on your personal circumstances. For instance, you may require a fast transfer, on-going transfers or are on a tight budget and need the best value. The Mozo People’s Choice Award winner is a great starting point for you to compare providers, with existing customers rating Wise the most popular for things like customer service, transfer speed and value for money.