Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Pet Insurance 2023

For many Australians pets are like family, so should the unexpected occur, having pet insurance for peace of mind often can’t be overlooked. In this year’s Mozo People’s Choice awards for pet insurance we surveyed 499 Aussies to find out which pet insurance providers came on top for things like customer satisfaction, trust and claims experience.

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RSPCA People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Excellent Customer Service Highly Trusted Sign-Up Experience Excellent Claims Experience Most Recommended
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The RSPCA is best known for its independent, community-based charity providing animal care and protection services across the country. 

Offering four levels of pet cover to choose from, RSPCA Pet Insurance brings you all the basics or all the bells and whistles, depending on your pet insurance needs. Plus, a portion of first-year premiums help support the RSPCA.

This year, RSPCA Pet Insurance took out the most awards as voted by Australians, winning in 6 categories for their offerings.

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Budget Direct People’s Choice Awards 2023

Customer Benefits
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Founded in 2000, Budget Direct says it has been providing dependable cover at a price that’s hard to beat. Over 3 million Australians have used it for their insurance needs across cover in pet, home, travel and car insurance.

Budget Direct has flexible payment options, a 24/7 claims service over the phone or online and a discount when you apply and get approved online (read the PDS for all t&cs) .

This year, Budget Direct resonated with Aussies, taking out an award for Customer Benefits in the pet insurance category.

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Coles People’s Choice Awards 2023

Customer Benefits
Customer%20 benefits 2023

On 9 April 1914, G.J. Coles opened the first Coles store in Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria. Since then, Coles Group has grown a massive portfolio and is one of the most well known brands in the Australian market today.

With three types of cover on offer, Coles Pet Insurance features many benefits like choice of vet, guaranteed lifetime cover and pre-paid vet bills.

This year, Coles took out a Customer Benefits award as voted by Australians.

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How did we collect customer votes for the awards?

To measure people's attitudes and opinions towards their current pet insurance providers a total of 499 Australian respondents were surveyed in 2023. Sourced via a partnership with Cint, respondents were asked to nominate companies they use and then rank these out of 10 across a range of factors.

How many pet insurance providers were considered in the 2023 awards?

This year there were 6 pet insurance providers who received enough votes to be in contention for an award. To see the full list of brands, see our People’s Choice Methodology Report.

I work for one of the winning brands. How can we promote our win?

Congratulations! We have a wide range of promotional options available if you wish to advertise your win. To do so, get in touch with our account management team.