6 super handy travel tools to pack in your suitcase

Finally heading off on that long-awaited holiday? After you’ve picked out a destination, your mind is probably whirring trying to make a list of all the things you need to throw in your suitcase - swimmers, plane pillow, toothbrush.

But in all the excitement, it's easy to overlook some key travel essentials that will make your trip that much better. Here’s a list of 6 things you should consider taking along on your round the world adventure, that you might not have thought of already.

1. Travel insurance

The first thing you should pack - before even picking up your passport - is a rock solid travel insurance policy. Look for an option with a generous limit on medical cover, and don’t forget to check if activites like snow sports are covered if they’re on your itinerary. And by comparing travel insurance options, you can usually find all this at a pretty low price point.

One handy hint from us? Make sure you buy your policy before booking flights, accommodation, or tours. That way, the things you’ve booked should be covered by the cancellation benefit in your policy in case something goes wrong.

2. Anti-theft camera case

Getting that perfect instagrammable selfie is a major part of any holiday these days, but if you're packing expensive photography gear, it pays to make sure it's well protected.

Chris White from Southern Cross Travel Insurance says, "For the keen photographers, a good way to keep your tech safe is by investing in an anti-theft bag. This way, when you’re not snapping selfies you have nothing to worry about," White added.

Moral of the story? It pays to be prepared and minimise risk while travelling.

3. Packing cubes

A classic on any “What-to-pack” list, packing cubes are an amazing bit of gear that lets you not only organise your suitcase better, but fit more into it. One expat Mozo staffer swears by them and says he, “never leaves home without one.” These are especially useful if you’re travelling through different climates or to a destination that requires dressing in layers, and need to pack more clothes than you usually would.

4. A downloaded map

Google maps is a lifesaver for tonnes of travellers - but what happens when there’s no WiFi, or you haven't got a local SIM card yet? Jonathan Look from LifePart2 has a solution that won’t leave you a street corner wrestling a fold out paper map: “I use the app Maps.me to download local maps and input the address of my hotel and other important places before I leave home. It brings me peace of mind.”

5. Extra power points

Another tip from Jonathan is to make sure you’re prepared when it comes to charging up all your gadgets. “I usually travel with a multiple outlet extension cord so I can recharge all of my electronics at the same time, and this way, I only have to carry one adapter and not worry about a lack of outlets,” he says. “Really handy in airports.”

6. Multiple travel money options

One thing that any traveller knows, is that unexpected challenges are pretty much par for the course when you’re away from home. But one area you don’t want to take chances in is your finances - imagine getting halfway around the world and realising you’ve got no way to pay for a hotel room! That’s why it’s a good idea to take along a combination of local cash, a prepaid travel card, travel debit card or travel credit card, so you’re prepared for any situation.

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