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The Biggest Renovation Trends of 2016

Looking at updating your kitchen, bathroom or garden this year? Well here are some renovation trends to consider so your home makeover is modern, chic and most importantly a place where you want to spend time. Let us take you through the sizzling kitchen trends, hot bathroom fads, fashionable interior designs and renovation garden fazes of 2016.

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The Kitchen

Larger and more spacious

Gone are the poky, small kitchens that were once the trend of the 70’s and 80’s. Now just think, the bigger the kitchen in 2016 the better. This year kitchen renovations will involve knocking down walls to increase the space and by doing this is opens up the area to integrate it with the dining and living rooms.

A larger kitchen allows you to entertain and talk to guests as you cook, so you don’t miss out on conversations. Kitchens are also no longer just a place where mum and dad cook, it’s where the family sits around and chats, children do homework and even relax. Of course creating a larger and more spacious kitchen comes at a cost!

Silent and metal range hoods

If you’re going to have a spacious open-plan kitchen the last thing you want is the annoying hum of a range hood. So the experts are suggesting you choose a range hood with an external motor that can be installed on the outside of the house or in the roof. Here’s to a little piece and quiet while you cook!

Metal range hoods will also become a trend to hit kitchens in 2016, undermining wooden ones, which used to be the popular choice.


I’m sure we can all admit to having some sort of device with us in the kitchen when cooking up a storm. Even if it does end up with flour or other baking products all over it! So in 2016 the kitchen will become a smart space. There will be designated spaces to store and charge your phone or tablet so they’re always at arm's reach when you need to pull up that favourite online recipe.

Light it up

Let your kitchen shine in 2016, especially if you’re putting lots of money into renovating it, why not show it off with lots of lights! Illuminate the kitchen bench with a pendant hanging from above or brighten the cabinet with lighting. Ceiling lights are merely a thing of the past.

Steam ovens

If space and budget isn’t an issue then steam ovens is a trend to watch out for this year. Microwaves are getting the flick and replaced by steam ovens that retain 80% of the food nutrients, a much smarter way to cook.

Keep it soft

When it comes to the kitchens appearance in 2016, bold, primary colours are out, replaced by soft, pastel, pallets. This colour scheme will blend seamlessly from the cabinets to the backsplashes, from the tiles to the wall.

The Bathroom

Timber trends

As we now head down the corridor into the bathroom you’ll see the use of timber emerge as a modern trend of 2016. With plenty of new timber products on the market, it will make its way into the bathroom in all different forms from wall coverings to basins and cupboards. According to interior designers, this timber trend is here to stay.

Bring in the earth

Timber isn’t the only material from the outside world making its way into the bathroom. In 2016 it’s all about the natural, earthy look in the bathroom. So also expect plenty of stone and rock on bathtubs, vanity tops and sinks.

Unwind and relax

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars this year on relaxing at day spas, the idea is to do it in the comfort of your own home i.e. the bathroom. The bathroom is no longer just a functional space, it’s now seen as a place to unwind and relax. Hot on the market are spa body showers and seated wash spaces. Try and renovate your bathroom so it mimics a day spa, a haven where you leave all your stresses at the door.   

Mood lighting

To help create a tranquil bathroom environment, feature lighting is set to take off in 2016. This involves placing custom-made lights and pendants above the mirrors or tubs in your bathroom. Even consider dimmable ceiling lights and before you know it you’ll have your bathroom looking and feeling like a day spa.

Outsized tiles

Forget small, montage style tiles when redesigning your bathroom, they just aren’t fashionable anymore! Large, oversized tiles are predicted to be the bathroom trend this year. Not only do they create a seamless feel but they make cleaning a lot easier.

Freestanding tubs

Standalone bath tubs are a hot bathroom trend of 2016. Built-in bathtubs have fallen down the rankings in popularity. When designing your bathroom, freestanding tubs offer flexibility in terms of placement and help create that spa-like feel.

Interior Design

Turn it metallic

When it comes to jazzing up your place, think metallic and you’ll be as trendy as they come. It won’t cost an arm and leg to let your humble abode sparkle with metallic finishes such as iron vases, copper draw handles or brushed brass coffee tables.

Bring nature inside

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a lush, green outdoor area so why not bring the outdoors in!? Accessorizing with small plant life is set to be hip and cool in 2016 so don’t be alarmed when you see plenty of portable gardens inside this year.

Make it sustainable

Sustainability is an interior design must this year. Recycling, reusing, repurposing, is all part of the art of sustainable design/environmental design. This could be in the form of the foundations of your home to the foam in your couches. Do whatever you can to make your place green and you’re on track to fit in with a big renovation trend of 2016.

Splash it with deep colours

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way with any home renovation regardless of how big or small the project is. Neutral colours are no longer the fad replaced this year by deep, moody shades, according to Dulux. Purples and dark blues are the forecast, contrasted by flashes of red and pink.    

The Garden


Less is more! Overcrowded, extravagant gardens are a fad of the past. Keep your garden renovation subtle and simple.

Monochrome colours

Black, grey and white are the trending garden colours of 2016. For an extra flair add a feature colour into the design. Neutral colours also apply to plant trends and while this may sound dull it’s visually effective and spectacular.  

Night lighting

A common trend we’ll see emerge this year from the inside of the house through to the garden is additional lighting. Why not admire your new garden at night by lighting it up?

Vertical veggie gardens

Nothing beats growing your own fresh produce. Designing a vertical veggie garden is clever,  doesn’t take up too much space, hides an ugly fence and just as importantly it also looks trendy.

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